Punk’s Not Dead

Mada sends in this shot of her friend Sofran in Resita, Romania and his oldschool punk facial tattoos.

That reminds me; Phil who deals with 99.9% of image submissions here at BME is also a talented photographer (as if you didn’t know that, if you’ve been around BME for long) that’s recently started working on a series of portraits of people with tattoeod faces. If you’re in or passing through the Toronto area and are willing to take part, please drop him a line either through one of the just-linked sites, or by email at [email protected].

42 thoughts on “Punk’s Not Dead

  1. The first thing I noticed was that red bump under the healed (CBB !!) bride and the (almost-vertical) labret.

    Perhaps the OCD part of me is finally taking over.

  2. Facial tattoos make me cringe in a way, not because they’re uncommon, but because they spark curiosity in me… What does this person do for a living that they are able to tattoo their face? What do they say to others when they ask about them? How well did they think out their facial tattoo before getting it, it’s obviously not something they can cover or hide easily. I really should just ask someone.

  3. Mishto, I’m from Romania too and it’s great seeing ppl like this, here home.

    Bravo pentru tatuaje, fieraria si urechile. Sa vad si eu un roman pe BME, bv. heh.

  4. Hey is it just me or does this guy look just like a young moded Tom Sizemore?

  5. “punk’s” is being used as a contraction of “punk” and “is,” not to show possession. grammatically, valkyrie, it’s sound.

  6. haha wow, love it 🙂
    looks really good, think it’d be a tad better in black but still =D

    anyways, i have a question… is it okay to put ‘high quality’ plastic jewelerry in unhealed piercings? As in retainers… ‘cos i need to hide them lol and i was wondering ‘cos there’s no way i can really find out what material it is =s


  7. Woah, what’s up with the bridge piercing? xD

    But seriously, rock the fuck on, it’s great to see people with facial tattoos

  8. Punk may not be dead, but the chance of ever getting paid employment certainly are

  9. even someone in romania can get the use of contractions right!! i went to a street festival last weekend and there was a store that had a sign with: “Lot’s more inside!”

  10. Tee hee. Punk’s not dead, it just smells that way!

    Um, The font that it’s done in reminds me of my first tattoo, which I did with a safety pin, (yes, I know, idiot!) and instead of poking down, I slid it under a layer of skin. And it looked like that. Yeah.

    Well, he pulls it off very well!

  11. “Punk may not be dead, but the chance of ever getting paid employment certainly are”

    Unless you are self employed or work for a company that doesn’t discriminate against people because of their tattoos.
    My wife has a aboriginal tattoo under one of her eyes and has had many “mainstreem” jobs(one actually at Sonoma cheese factory a major tourist attraction in sonoma square where many rich people come to spend lots of money)So making a blanket statement towards somebody you don’t know or what job expierence they may have is just silly.Is it the tattoo itself that makes you think he couldn’t possably be employed anywhere for the rest of his life or is it just that YOU wouldn’t hire someone just because of the way they look regardless of the tattoo itself?

  12. Well i run my own courier business and if someone came to an interview looking like that, there would be no job im sorry. Its not that i discriminate against facial tattoos, one of my other guys has a lot of very visible neckwork done, its just that those tattoos dont have a quality air around them.. 😛

  13. I’d be pissed if I had to live with crappy tattoos, especially on my face. Then again, I suppose if you’re punk that looks good?

  14. Talk about limiting your employment prospects. That shit doesn’t even look good, but that’s what being punk is all about.

  15. Yeah that tatoo should definately say I don’t know why I can’t get a job……..

  16. Punk’s not dead,
    it just smells that way.

    Seriously, it takes balls to get your face tattooed. I’ve considered it for a long time, but I got the need to attract attention out of my system in the ’80′s.

  17. I’m living in Romania also,i don’t know this guy but i wish to meet him to ask who accept to tattoo his face….cause i can’t find any tattoo artist who accept to make me a facial tattoo. I desperatly want a moko design on my chin….but i still dreaming that one day i will find the right tattoo artist,here in Roamania!

  18. @ben: the piercings are real.

    the punks in romania are suckers. 🙂 at festivals, you would do anything just not to get close to them. they stink, they ask you for cigarettes, for money, etc. they ruin your fun if you give them what they ask. I pitty Sofran (the punk in the picture), because he’ll be like a gipsy one day (not that now there’s a big difference between a gipsy and Sofran)

    and.. I agree Roscoe: punks are not dead. they just stink that way. 🙂

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