21 thoughts on “Woodworker or Amputation Fetishist?

  1. I had no clue what it was at first, but now that I do – I really love the shading. Very simple, but extremely effective.

    Hot stuff.

  2. The first thing I noticed were the crocs >.> I hate those things.

    Other than that though, I love this ^_^ It’s really simple but when you look at it, you realise that there’s actually quite a bit of detail and some nice shading.

  3. i’m increasingly amazed at where you put the modblog emblem. pretty crafty, i must say.

  4. i stand for 13 hour shifts at my job and I wear crocs. they are they best shoes ever. they have definitely improved my feet well being. ugly but comfy!

  5. It’s sad that the majority of the comments on this awesome tat are about the shoes.

  6. to the croc haters out there: i was once like you and thought they were pretty stupid looking. and then i took the pepsi challenge… holy shit woohoo!!! my feet are so much happier after a long day of standing at the lathe. thank you for the nice comments, go get tattooed by david cho at laughing buddha in seattle. cheers.

  7. I have to agree with the large collection of people who hate Crocs. They make me cringe, it’s actually what I first notticed in this picture!>_

  8. that is spectacular. i bet there was lots of thought about what kinda wood to use for the handle… it is beautiful.

    laughing buddha is full of all sorts of talented folks. i haven’t been pierced/tattooed there in years, but every time i walk in there i feel so very welcomed even though i’m only minorly modified, like i’m one of their crew. that’s hard to find, even in seatown.

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