25 thoughts on “Sacred Heart Piercing

  1. Why all the extra length on the jewelry? If they’re just temporary, I’d have gone with closer-fitting jewelry so it doesn’t look as messy — just my opinion though.

  2. I think they are long to create more friction and trauma. I think the logic behind this project it to be left with scars in the shape of a sacred heart, no?

  3. It actually looks like it’s been there for a while…I personally don’t find it very attractive at all. That’s just me though.

  4. ouch, that scarring (or is it bruising) and skin discoloration looks pretty bad. i hope it’s not permanent, even if you said it isn’t, you could be wrong.

  5. it looks sort of like… a beet or something…
    but i like the idea behind it.

  6. I like the idea, to me anchors may have been a better long-term solution.

    Perhaps the client wanted the outlines to scar into the design slightly, giving a really unique rib-piece.

    It seems odd that the piercer would use 16g and the client would leave them in for that long (I would say easily a couple months) and let them get into the state that they are if that was not the case.

    Love the idea tho.

  7. On second examination, I don’t think it would work as a scar. Notice the really long curved bottom left line, obviously you wouldn’t see that line at all once the jewellery is out.

    *scratches head*

    Still love the idea.

  8. I think a much better effect would have been acheived through modern scarification practices

  9. don´t understand how people can do such things and then send photos of work like that to this site that has SO much information… if the did a bit of research, just 5 or 10 minutes that could look so much nicer

  10. i agree with SmokeMyBones, despite the redness/scarring/brusing/whatever, i love it… i think its beautiful

  11. “Notice the really long curved bottom left line, obviously you wouldn’t see that line at all once the jewellery is out.”

    You would, providing the barbell was left to reject out completely, rather than being taken out before it got to that stage.

    I don’t like the way it looks now, it does look kind of messy, but I think it will make a really interesting scarification project if she allows all of the barbells to reject out entirely.

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