16 thoughts on “Cross-hatch Scarring

  1. That’s pretty cool. I love how raw it looks right now.

    I would really enjoy rubbing my fingers along that once healed. Sort of reminds me of safety-non-slip rubber floor.

  2. When I first saw this on the BME cover, I couldn’t get over how fluorescent it looks! Is that to do with the contrast of the raw flesh against iodine on the skin, or has the saturation in the photo been altered?
    I’m intrigued.
    It’s beautiful.

  3. for some reason, this piece reminds me of that game “jenga”…nice design, but i cringed in thought of the pain!

  4. Its funny but the first thing I thought of was that the forms sort of suggest the letters BME, three horizontals, three verticle lines and then three horizontals again, exactly the main volumes of the leter B, M and E. coincidence? methinks not!

  5. OH! I saw this earlier & was really hoping it would be posted on here!
    It is a weaving pattern design…it makes me think of geometric African motifs.(maybe it is???)
    This is going to look great when healed; I’m excited for them! 🙂

  6. Hey Shannon and everyone out there….i will be posting the healed pictures soon… Thanks for all the kind words! I love you guys!

    Check out http://www.acidcrue.blogspot.com if you have the time, its our studio’s web journal and is updated regularly.

    And once again, thanks !

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