22 thoughts on “Naked is good

  1. haha I think Shannon has a little crush on the fair lady. She’s beautiful though so I ain’t complaining

  2. Mikhail, I don’t think nipples are a shallow think to notice at all. This photo, while highly sexy, captures the beauty of all her features. Including her amazing nipples.

  3. thanks shannon ;).
    And in a post totally unrelated to nakedness….
    I am currently in Mexico, just came from Oaxaca where there is serious repression going on. If you remember last year the people of Oaxaca managed to gain autonomy, ejecting the corrupt government of Ulises Ruiz. The popular movement, however, was crushed by the government. People were detained and disappeared, murdered, tortured. Well on the 16th police violently attacked a popular cultural celebration, killing 1, seriously wounding a dozen and detaining 60 people. The respession is escalating, and Oaxaca is basically a police state. Look it up, spread the word. The people of Oaxaca are seeking international solidarity, and they need it now more than ever.
    Ill be back in the states in a week, and promise to post tons more naked pictures. 🙂

  4. And then, to leave the comment that she did? I’m completely enamored(sp?)!

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