22 thoughts on “Now that’s a do.

  1. He’s got dreads now, but I really liked the big hair! I love big hair, on both guys and girls…

    I also love 70s camaros, so maybe my taste is a little dated though!

  2. Does anyone know where to buy teflon jewelry like this besides TUFLON.COM (he’s only filling wholesale orders at the time)? I need a comfy labret piece. Even a nice organic piece would do, this SSS is killing my gums and teeth.

  3. so what happens to your lip if … you decide to take out the piece? does it stretch back up? or is it like lobes .. that maybe it will, maybe it won’t?

  4. Mitch – Try Oracle Body Jewellery. They have some fantastic pieces for stretched labrets there. Bodyartforms have some large if pricey stuff.

  5. that’s a shame. He looks pretty good save for that idiotic thing on his chin…

  6. Kind of reminds me of Jim Carrey from The Grinch, with some obvious adjustments.

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