Anti-Eyebrow Ring

This piercing is almost always done with a barbell, so I quite liked the change of getting to see it with a ring, which I think suits it quite well in a Captain Lou Albano sort of way… This one was done by Steve at Dreamcatcher Tattoo in Currituck, NC, and is a week old in this photo.

Edit: Since people insist on me stating the obvious, this piercing will be more difficult to heal with this jewelry.

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  1. It just looks swollen and painfull, cant wait to see it healed, never seen a ring there or a piercing really there at all.

  2. i think it looks cool, but if it were me, i’d be afraid of it migrating out of my face 🙁 how sad that would be!

  3. I will never understand people who jump all over piercings for “looking unhappy” when they’re still in the healing process. Come on, guys, she just got metal jammed into her skin a week ago. It’s not going to look perfect.

  4. beautiful eyes. The piercing is interesting, never seen that one before. Not sure I’d do it, but looks good on her.

  5. I actually really like that one but I think it’d probably migrate. Eager to see how it turns out.

  6. tat2guy, i laughed my butt off as well!
    i got this vivid mental image of captain lou albano and it was too much.

  7. Shannon, this surprises me. Yeah it’s different, but different for a reason. Same reason that ANY surface piercing will not heal with a CBR.

  8. Never mind the entirely sketchy looking piercing (which, BTW, should not look like that even after “only” a week), which does nothing but detract from her gorgeous eyes… That graff neck-tattoo rocks! I *love* bold graff work, props for placement too.

  9. r.e.j.e.c.t.i.o.n! rejection! yeah, yeah rejection! yay!!!

    sorry for being kind of bitchy, but i’m putting my money on it not lasting.

  10. I’m curious to see how this will heal.
    Ah well, ’300′ fan or not, whatever floats your boat.

  11. I would have used a surface-bar and the ring after it finished healing coz of migration but it s your fave. beautyful eyes btw.

  12. Piercers that use anything but surface bars to do surface piercings… I wouldn’t go to them for an ear piercing.

  13. I actually gasped when I saw her eyes. They’re so gorgeous!

    And like a couple of people have said, I would be absolutely paranoid about that migrating out of my face. But she’s got the guts, and she rocks it, so good on her!

  14. I want to poke the corners of her mouth with my fingers to make her smile. None too crazy about the piercing, but she’s very pretty.

  15. People shouldn’t be uptight. Yes, it will probably reject in time, but the fact is that almost all surface piercings do reject in time — proper technique doesn’t solve the problem most of the time, it just slows it down dramatically.

    Maybe she’ll wear a rubber band in it like Captain Lou to keep it. And if anyone has a picture of his piercing, please send it my way — I’ve been trying to find a good one for the encyclopedia…

  16. I will say the Capt.Lou comment made me chuckle.

    However, and this isn’t me being uptight this is me as a professional providing a surface for clients…As well as a heavy supporter of what BME stands for and have been for many years now.

    I will say this at least deserved a “risk” comment. I mean for many years now Shannon BME has taken strides to educate not just only about any and all body modifications that go on. But also the risks involving body jewelry, technique, quality,etc.

    I think by pretty much glorifying this work, and not publically noting the risks in the entry, is sending a message to the average person that this is acceptable. We know that if done proper(surface bars, proper technique,etc) as well as with knowledgeable clients,etc that a surface piercing migration/rejection can be slowed down, and infact for many years be slowed down. Whereas we in the know, yourself included, know this has virtually a few weeks, months worth lifespan…Infact you can already see downward pressure being applied to the area, so I’d give it less than a month tops.

    This conversation can totally go on…I just want to say that its definately post worthy, because its body modification…But I think the general uninformed public(which is the majority) need to know the risks constantly…As not everyone else is in the know, like many of us…We’ve all been on this site for years, the average person…Probably a day here an there searching…So its in the publics best interest to constantly educate them.

    Maybe its just me and my over-cautious stance I’ve taken for the past many years…But after seeing so many people saying: “I want it done! I saw it on a website!” or various other things…I think its our responsibility as professional piercers, or those with in-depth knowledge to constantly make people realize the concerns/problems/issues.

    I mean isn’t that why you were doing all those interviews with the top piercers from all over? To help educate/inform the public?

    Enclosing I just want to say…God I miss Capt.Lou!

  17. I realize I’m arriving late, but I’m skeptical about successfully healing this kind of piercing. Just because Xerxes wore numerous facial surface piercing in “300″ doesn’t mean they work in real life. I hope that this piercer and piercee both have experience with healed surface piercing elsewhere on her body before gambling on her face. Otherwise, if it doesn’t heal and leaves a scar perhaps it can be “tweaked” to being a scar she likes.

    Note, I am not bagging on the effort, just expressing concern about possible aesthetic outcome.

  18. I was surprised by the amount of people saying “I hope it heals”. Not that I want her to have a nasty facial scar but there’s no ifs ands or buts this will absolutely reject. How fast depends on her body but a cbr for any surface piercing isn’t going to work out. It creates the pressure on piercings that surface bars were designed to alleviate.

  19. I know someone who used a D-ring in his anti-eyebrow, which seems like a better compromise to me. He got the look of a ring, but as far as the actual piercing was concerned, it essentially had a surface bar in it. Think he’s had it a long time now, as well.

  20. Look, obviously it’s going to have a high chance of rejection. The fact that there’s zillion people saying that should make it pretty clear that that is COMMON KNOWLEDGE. There’s a link to the encyclopedia at the top of every entry on ModBlog for a reason — so that people can educate themselves. Does a warning really have to be on EVERYTHING?

  21. Who on here really needs to be reminded that this piercing is made of 100% pure fail? Shannon is just saying that it is a different and interesting look, that’s all. Me, I think it looks like ass, but that’s just my 2c.

  22. how many people are going to actually read the comments left here or go to the wiki to educate themselves? we’ve known for years that, as the educated and informed sect of body modification, that we are ambassadors to the un-informed, or the squares, if you will.
    The introductory experimentation period for surface piercings has come and gone. there are methods that work well and anytime shit like this is publicized, it’s making the work that good piercers do look like bullshit. it’s apples to oranges, if your going to publish irresponsible modifications on here, make it absolutely clear that it’s a shitty piercing to get/have/perform and not make your clarification buried in text 40 posts into a thread. the only thing this entry has effectively done so far is given ethical and responsible piercers more to work against.

  23. I once had to ‘educate’ a supposed professional piercer that surface piercings nearly always reject, as high an amount as 85% I have discovered. Even the most dedicated and experienced piercer will have a large amount of surface piercings reject yet this guy was adamant that I was wrong because his nape had been there for several years. Apparently half a lifetime of experience in the field counted for nothing. 🙂

    Warren – You are 100% right on this point. Many people who read (or rather look at) ModBlog are influenced by it. Shannon even noted earlier that 10 years back tongue splitting was the sole possession of Lizard yet now (thanks to ModBlog etc) it is commonplace. Most people are like sheep and will follow the herd if not prodded.

  24. Pretty girl+Facial scars or nasty piercings=no win. Sorry, it’s just a waste… Now, intentional scarification, sure, but this is just lame. Sorry.

  25. “I know someone who used a D-ring in his anti-eyebrow, which seems like a better compromise to me.”


    That was my first thought! I would like to see a picture of that friend, with his healed piercing, with the d-ring–perhaps for a comparison.

  26. thank you number 56, for illustrating my point that few people actually read the comments that have already been left.

  27. oh my god stop with the stupid 300 comments. the comparisons of me to xerxes haven’t stopped since that movie came out, and it really doesn’t help that i’m persian. i’m sure this girl knows her piercing will reject. like i said, i don’t like how it looks, but whatever.

  28. #53 I know a guy who’s had his tongue split for about 12 years now…

    And yeah, do we really need a warning? I don’t have a single piercing, and even I know just from looking at that thing that it will be a lot harder to heal, if it does at all. Rings in surface piercings etc etc… Shannon’s so right though, people who want something not so good won’t care about warnings… heh.

    Pretty eyes! Only thing I noticed besides the reddened piercing. Not one I would ever do, but then I only allow temporary play piercings so meh…

  29. MissMe – Who’s had their tongue split for 12 years? I’m very interested in hearing more!!! Erik and I and the handful that I know of in the first wave are only at 10 years, and the only one before that I know of (a guy in Italy) isn’t much older…

  30. Would this type of piercing, much like the clavical piercing, benefit from the flexible type of “bar” (I’m sorry, the name escapes me at the moment) that isn’t metal at all? I mean, if you really wanted to keep it? Otherwise, she must have thought it was a good place for a scar. I hope.

  31. ya know….im not to keen on the look of this.
    i dont know why maybe its because im used to seeing anti eyebrows with bars, it just doesnt appeal…

  32. Why Sassie? Quite often in the past these types of photo’s had links to the risk section of the encyclopedia, that it is being associated with.

    In the past we tried rings, we tried straight barbells,etc. This is why nowadays any professional piercer doing this work, tends to use surface barbells. Those that don’t, are often either inexperienced, full of themselves, and/or simply do not care for the client and just want their money.

    Nowadays piercers try to claim: “Oh I just wanted to test the theory”…well the theory has been tested a billion times over and found to not be successful, so why do it?

    Even if the client DEMANDED it be done…It should have been the piercers ethics to refuse. Much like plastic surgery…If something is going to pose a risk/problem/complication in the long run the surgeon strongly advises against it and quite often will refuse the procedure.

    Why do something you know will not work…If she wanted scarification, she could have gotten it through other means…But to me this just looks like a bunch of people that spent way too much time watching 300 and wanted to emulate it…And instead of providing a high quality service our industry is in dire need of nowadays…It just once again shows the governments that are viewing these sites,etc that we cannot be left to our own devices.

  33. i will say this…as its been documented in the past…this type of thing COULD have been done with a modified surface bar…I know others on the west coast of the US have done them…I know Tom Brazda did on on Bathory.

    For example say something like a NeoMetal threadless decide that’s a surface bar but has an attachment that gives the illusion of a CBR.

    Again just expressing my opinions on the matter…but to me this is where the Technical Science of Body Piercing and the Artistry clash and do not mix, which is what we as piercers should be doing, making them mesh together.

  34. Hey guys,
    This is NC Steve, I did this piercing. It is in fact a modified barbell!! It is a triangle, gives the illusion of a CBR. I have been piercing for over 10 years and tattooing 20. I constantly believe you can always learn though! Just wanted to set the record straight, it is straight through the surface anyways.


  35. Hey Steve,
    If you’ve been piercing for over ten years and are constantly learning, you’d have worked out that rings invariably take longer to heal and are more problematic and contribute to hypertrophic scarring and migration. Having more jewellery outside of the piercing than inside will always, always be more problematic to healing that wearing fitted, stable, flush jewellery. What am I basing this comment on? Your portfolio.

    You can get lovely little 16ga surface bars from companies like Anatometal and they work a treat for HEALING this kind of surface work, I have a portfolio full of well-healed facial surface piercings – they most certainly are NOT terribly prone to migration when done properly and with good placement.

  36. hey guys. this is my wife. just wanted to let you know that the piercing is doin’ great, healing very nicely, and very fast. no signs of rejection, hypertrophic scarring, or migration. i work with N.C Steve. all in all the piercing is doing great. i do really appreciate all the good comments(except all the assholes and bitches). definately didn’t think it was gonna make it on modblog though! and for the record, we have never seen “300″, fags.

  37. Awesome! Be sure to post pictures in a year or two, mmkay? Since I’m undoubtedly one of the fags/assholes/bitches you’re referring to, I guess I should live up to it. 😉

  38. I’m a bit confused NC Steve about the shape you’re claiming this jewelry is. Perhaps you can re-create it and post a link on here for us to see just exactly what’s going on, in the inside of that pierced channel.

    Just don’t get what you’re saying when you refer to it as a triangle. Are you referring to what is commonly called a D-Ring shape?

    As for NC Steve’s wife, that’s great that you’re all so positive on the believe that it will be long-lasting. I’d definately like to see monthly updated photo’s of the healing progression.

    What better way to prove your stance then by showing us that it can heal, and heal well.

    Personally I say it won’t last a few months, not even close to a year…So I propose trying to keep it long as possible and if you can keep it for 6 months to a year, it’d be a great way to say: “told you so”

  39. Rings definitely can heal in surface piercings — I have photos on BME of ones that are 6+ years old on flat skin and have seen them in person and can confirm their reality myself… It’s definitely not the norm, but they can and do heal for some people, even if they’re far from the idea way to optimize ones chances.

    Certainly this is not that much harder to heal than many difficult [standard] eyebrow placements. Whether that’s acceptable or not is up to the client… It all depends what the goal is and how badly that goal is wanted.

    If it was me I’d definitely go with a surface bar or ring modified for the same effect, but I can understand why that’s not for everyone…

  40. I’m not disputing that some people do freakishly heal surface work when done with rings – I’ve seen it as well (anyone remember Molly McGee’s forehead/hairline piercing with a ring?), even on places like the upper arm where it’s a bitch to heal any kind of surface work – but the important thing is to note that it is VERY unusual to be able to heal a surface piercing with a ring. Some people can heal anything. Most people have no chance at all of healing a surface piercing done with a ring, and better piercers don’t bother experimenting with techniques well and truly proven incorrect!

  41. Hey guys. I am the one in the photo and I really do apperciate all the comments,concernce and support that you are giveing to me. There is one things tht was not mentioned in the details. This is not a circler bar. It is a modified piece of jewelry that is in the shape of a triangle. The bar on th inside of my face is actuall flat just as if it was a staright barbell. I know that was not made clear due to lack of info on my part. I just wanted to let all you guys know that it is healing really nicely and there is no scaring,redness or any thing like that. The piercing is doing really amazing actually. Thak=nk you for all the comments and everything. Sending a updat so you can see what it looks like now.

  42. For the record!!! Kaos one is her ol’man…………..I’m just her boyfriend!! LOL the price apprentices have to pay!!

  43. It looks a bit sore – After I got my anti-eyebrow, I had a black eye for a week, but so worth it.

    I think it’s lovely, with a ring instead of a barebell. Very different too!

    And I agree with everyone else, your eyes are incredible!

  44. I did an anti eyebrow one time on this kid who was determined on using a CBR.. So, I bent the ring, not into a ‘d’ but such that instead of sticking out, it sat flush against his face. The bend also provided sort of 45 degree angles for the piercing to heal around.. Doing so great he came in to get another one not too long ago

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