Hip Piercing Array

This set of surface bar (the right way to do surface piercing in my opinion) hip piercings was done at Get It On Tattoo and Piercing in San Diego, California.

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53 thoughts on “Hip Piercing Array

  1. I REALLY like the look of hip piercings, but before now I’d only seen one one each side…this looks great though.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t think they look too happy? Disks would’ve been a much better choice IMO.

  3. am i the only one who gets a strange urdge to lick those?

    yes i do mean the piercings.

  4. Seems like they’d be a horrible pain under.. like.. jeans or so. But I don’t deny they’re gorgeous. I guess if you constantly wore low-riders… which I suppose she has the figure for. :)

  5. i agree with 7 & 13 entirely, as well as shannon himself. i LOVE when surface piercings are done correctly, but i think they look like they stick out too far with balls (and these ones generally look like they stick really far?).

    looooooooooove the idea tho :) i want.

  6. looking closely at the photo’s I have to agree with the flat disc option, especially for the area in which the work was done.

    also looking closely at the photo you can see either some dry-ness/crusty matter that might be a variety of things, or it might also be scar tissue build up due to the placement and the fact that beads are being worn.

    definately looks at least a month if not couple months old. Doesn’t look half bad, I must say…Just would totally say switching to discs and even shorter rises on some of the surface bars, would help the piercings chance of success.

  7. doh! the joys of working with other people who view modblog, forgot to check the info parts hahahaha! #23 was me!

  8. i agree with warren. the placement, though beautiful as it is, seems rather impractical.. well, when the piercings were in their prime, i’m sure they made a pretty girl even prettier!

  9. No belts or jeans or really any item of clothing that would rub cause that would seriously be irritating – nice idea tho’

  10. They look great in the first picture (on the left) from far away, though the close up looks terrible. I myself have healed dermal anchors in the area and have accomplished this with flat discs which sit flush with my skin. The idea shown is beautiful but the actual piercings don’t look so great.

  11. Nice, if a little crusty, can I volunteer to apply the saline soaks?

    (BTW, mine tend to look a bit like that when they heal – first the look great, then they go a bit crusty, then they go a bit red and flaky, then they heal up as the fistula toughens up)

  12. Scarlett, if I had a body like hers, I would never wear clothes. Problem solved!

  13. It looks great but wearing pants and sitting down with them would be very annoying. When I still had my hip piercings I had to be careful about everything I did. It was a relief to take them out but I do miss them.

  14. #35 (stoofus) i agree totally with you, my srface piercings do exactly the same before they heal :)

  15. I’m about to have my hips pierced. Tomorrow actually. I think it looks great, but I’m a little worried, because I’m in Culinary School, and we do a lot of lifting and such, and I think that it would irritate my new piercings. Oh well, what’s life without a little risk and pain? Since I can’t have facial piercings at school, I’ve decided to get everything under my clothes done.

  16. heyy omg
    they look awsome!!
    im getting my done in 2 days
    im so scared
    whoever see’s this and has their hips pierced can you please add me to msn i have like os many questions

    [email protected]


  17. They Look Great.. I Have One On My Hip, I Got It 3 days ago. It didnt hurt at all. But day 3 – its hurts a bit and is really red. but – I LOVE IT!..

    PS- Anyone got any tips for keeping it looks good. i think i have to go back to the piercer tho.. to change the bar as it slightly dented in.

    [email protected].
    ^^^ If You Have Tips For Me

  18. had my hips done for two months.
    Dont recomend it has left horrible scras.

    Im haveing to get them tattoed over :/

  19. I haven’t been able to find this post since I created it… This was done when I was about 18, and MAAAANNN were they a mistake. Although the picture was taken only days after getting the piercing (that’s why they look a little crusty- just dried and dying skin) everyone was right: pants were an irritant, sleeping on my right side was pretty much out of the question, I could hardly even wear a seat-belt. The scars actually aren’t too bad, but I plan on getting them tattooed over anyways. These lasted for about 3 months, the final straw being a drunk friend who picked me up BY MY HIPS, unaware of the piercings still being in the healing process.

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