19 thoughts on “Sternum Piercing

  1. I love this. This is something I’d want blown up HUGE and put on my wall (like many other modblog entries!). The heavy ghost like contrast and the amazing contours of her body are a perfect match and the sternum piercing looks ace as an interuption to that flawless skin!

  2. hopefully she will fit in my baggage and make it through customs on my upcoming trip to Eastern Europe this summer 2008.
    It all depends on how far Kiev is from Moscow.

  3. I love the piercing.. and most of the picture.

    I hate it when people use electrical tape on their nipples though.. =/ The shot would be so much more organic and smooth if something like her hands were used…

    But that’s just the photographer in me nitpicking.

  4. Awh man, it’s so haunting! Really gorgeous. I agree that it belongs on a wall.

    Shannon, you should start selling prints of modblog entries ^_^

  5. it’s really a shame that the subject covered her nipples in that ugly tape. As a wannabe photographer – it’s an nice use of light,and shadow.

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