Well Healed Oldschool Surface Piercing

There was some heated discussion a while back about doing surface piercings with a CBR, which is widely acknowledged as not the most ideal way to go about things… Anyway, Roo fixed the RAID array in my one of our archive boxes so I was able to retrieve this picture of a Madison piercing that I took at six years old, done with a circular barbell and looking perfectly healthy. I don’t have any reason to believe that it’s rejected since — if the wearer kept it, it would now be sixteen years old.

Either way, it certainly had no difficulties healing. I’m definitely not recommending rings — I feel strongly that surface bars are the way to go — but I did just want to say that just about everything can and does heal on someone. While risk of failure does increase dramatically when one chooses less than ideal jewelry, it absolutely does not guarantee failure…


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38 thoughts on “Well Healed Oldschool Surface Piercing

  1. I’m very impressed by this, I see the most horrible surface piercings on people and it makes me so angryy!

  2. that looks great. for some reason though, when i see this it somehow reminds me of a cow bell. like if she leaned forward, it would go forward too, and then hang down like a cow bell…
    i dont know what im talking about

  3. Im surprised that healed, but more power to them! Oddly enough I was able to heal and maintain two 10ga pubic piercings done with captive bead rings. They have been in place for years.

  4. on an unrelated note, am i the only one seeing modblog as having super small text? it was fine earlier today, but now i can hardly read it…

  5. I don’t think we’ve changed anything in the stylesheet that would cause ultra-small text, but since a few people are mentioning it, I’ll look into it and see if I can come up with anything.

    Try doing a hard reload of the site of course (a cache clearing one), and of course make sure it’s not just a browser setting.

  6. aw cute & congrats on the healing but to me it just looks to flimsy
    btw my text is tiny to on the main modblog page but when i click through to comments it goes normal again

  7. Huh, ok, I see it too when I’m in IE, but not FireFox… Jon’s here right now, we’ll get it straightened out shortly. There was some other weirdness this morning with Apache on this server, maybe there’s a bigger issue than we’d thought.

  8. Hahaha, oops, no, I see it — I just had a hanging “code” tag at the start of this entry… I don’t normally post stuff using the WordPress interface.

  9. To the best of my knowledge it’s a traditional needle piercing, done by Roger, the original owner of Black Star in Kingston if I remember correctly.

  10. I have seen them healed with rings before too, but I don’t like the look for some reason. Maybe it’s the cowbell thing…

  11. I’m just going to re-post my comment (#80) from the entry linked:

    “I’m not disputing that some people do freakishly heal surface work when done with rings – I’ve seen it as well (anyone remember Molly McGee’s forehead/hairline piercing with a ring?), even on places like the upper arm where it’s a bitch to heal any kind of surface work – but the important thing is to note that it is VERY unusual to be able to heal a surface piercing with a ring. Some people can heal anything. Most people have no chance at all of healing a surface piercing done with a ring, and better piercers don’t bother experimenting with techniques well and truly proven incorrect!”

  12. Does the ring look really thin to anyone else? I’m sure it’s not as thin as it looks, but regardless of how old it is, all I can think is “Cheeeeeeeeesewiiiiiiiiiiiiire.”

  13. Lou- I don’t think it’s as thin as it looks on here. If you look at the width of the neck, you can see that this is probably at least a 14 gauge piercing. Personally, I tend to associate ball chain with light switches and other similarly thin chains, so I think that’s throwing my perception off. In fact, that’s why I compared to the neck in the first place- the ball chain made it look so tiny it just couldn’t be right!
    Anyone got more info on this?

  14. The numbers don’t add up… as I recall, you were born in 1973, and 2007-(6+16) is not 1973 :/

    I’m only pointing it out because I’m genuinely curious as to what the real numbers are.

  15. I’ve also healed a Madison with a CBR, it’s now 13 yrs old… I do use surfacebars for all surcace piercings these days, but recently I had a girl in who really wanted to try it with a CBR. If I hadn’t had one myself, I would have turned her down. But we decided to give it a shot, with a 12g 7/16″.

    Actually I’ve found that a good few people have problems with the surfacebare sliding out on one side, depending on which side they sleep on the most. _Maybe_ a CBR would be a better choice of jewelry for _some_?

  16. i can just imajine that getting caught on something
    thats impressive thought, also impressive that it hasent gotten ripped out or anything
    *shudders again*

  17. I have to totally agree with Lori on this one. I do know a lad who has a 6+ year old well healed anti-eyebrow with a barbell but I certainly wouldn’t advocate the use of that jewellery in primary surface piercing regardless.

  18. I think it’s important to note for n00bs that a large-diameter CBB is being used here. So there is far less curvature to the subdermal jewelry than might at first appear.

  19. there’s a lady in Razor’s Edge hair studio in Manchester City Centre (UK) who has a madison piercing with a BCR in. My jaw nearly hit the ground when she told me she’d had it for over 10 years and had healed totally fine. It looked amazing.

    Some people are just lucky!

  20. I think the CBR is so damn big for the amount of skin its going through its more equivalent to a straight barbell, cus its damn near close to straight due to its size. Admittedly though, eitherway, its a tough thing to heal.

  21. I had a madison with a CBR and after a week, it was so pissed off I had to retire it. :(
    That one looks good.
    Maybe I’ll try it again with a bigger diametre CBR.

  22. This just makes me so jealous! i’ve had mine done THREE seperate times with a surface bar, and it rejected every time. *sigh* i guess some people heal better than others. Love it, though.

  23. Did anyone else think Shannon meant he took this photo when he was six? No? Just me, then.

  24. Oh, I remember staring and STARING at this picture when I first saw it, oh, seven or seven and a half years ago, knowing that’s what I wanted. And I got one, with tygon, and it settled so nicely and I kept it for 13 months before I got unconscientious and didn’t change to new, supple tubing in time!

    Of all the piercings I’ve lost or retired, I miss my madison the most. I will have it again, damn!

  25. No, I figured he meant he took it when it was six years old. I also thought the jewelry looked really thin, smaller than 14g. I think it looks like 16g but maybe it’s the diameter that makes it look smaller. I remember looking on BME at Madisons done with CBRs. I thought they looked sort of weird and I was suprised a piercer would even do that.

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