Bite Me

This photo really puts the Bee back in CBT. Ok, it’s a wasp or some beastie like that. But I couldn’t resist.

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38 thoughts on “Bite Me

  1. wait.
    why does the peeny have a jelly- like coating on the top?
    wow i could never muster the courage to allow an insect of any kind…let alone one that can sting/bite/etc. stand on my privates.
    hat’s off, my friend!

  2. ninjarobot, the jelly like coating is there so the wasp stays there.

    i’m impressed. you can actually see it taking a sip. kudos to the photographer

  3. I don’t even have a penis and I want to cry looking at that. Those little fuckers HURT.

  4. Ouch. That second picture is awesome though! I’ve never seen a bee that close before.

  5. is it sad that my first thought was ‘what kind of camera did they use to capture this?’

  6. Well, technically it’s a yellow jacket (a type of wasp), but they’re often referred to as meat bees, so I guess we’ll have to let you live.

    But man, that’s one of the few things on here that truly squicks me.

  7. that makes me cry inside.. i am soSO scared of allll bugs and i would pass out if one landed on my skin muchless below the belt. then again, i would never be naked around bugs so i guess he liked it.

  8. I’m reminded of that Eddie Izzard sketch…

    I like my coffee like I like my genetalia… Covered in bees!

  9. Omg.
    I got stung this summer and it HURT like a bitch. I like hurt, but jeezuz Christ it was on my arm, swollen for two weeks, and itched after that. I can’t imagine that on my non-existant penis.

  10. my first though upon seeing this was “is that strawberry jam?” and then the shock of a stinging insect being on his bits sunk it.

  11. Being scared of bugs is kinda dumb. Respect them, give the ones that could hurt you their space and there’s no reason to be afraid. They’re really nifty creatures.

    I’m pretty sure that’s honey in the picture. And also, to all those who are all, “Omg but those sting and it hurts!!1″, I think that’s meant to be part of the fun.

  12. There was an (apocryphal?) story about a young Mick Jagger putting his cock in a jar of bees, in order to make his organ, uhm, swell up from the stings.
    Surely putting a Spinal-Tap-style cucumber down his pants would have been so much easier, not to mention less painfull?

  13. Call the R.S.P.C.A I really hope that wasp is not like a bee and die’s after it stings someone.

  14. I thought it was a hornet until I clicked through… which would have been totally insane… waspy thing is ok but hornets are nasty bastards!

  15. okay, this scares the fuck out of me… hornets fucking HURT
    i mean REALLLLLLLY hurt… and yeah,,, that’s intense, haha

  16. wasps are th only thing ive come across that i properly fear so far in my 20 years so this really does turn my stomach a little. what a brave man!

  17. To number “21″ or “Sarah”….
    How about being more respectful to people who have phobias of insects?
    Respect bugs is good advice. I try to talk to mine and eat dinner with it whenever I can.
    Sometimes I even let it smoke my cigarettes when they ask nicely.

    PS: I don’t understand why someone would want to indure a week of itching and burning for a stinging pain on one’s dick.
    He could just have someone prick it with a pin, it’d be about the damn same. Minus the irriatation for weeks.
    To each is own, but…itchy >.

  18. To 26, or Toothpaste, I’ve actually been stung right on the tip of my tongue by a wasp. Wasn’t pleasant, believe me- but it had reason to do so! He landed on my pb & h sandwich and I took a bite without looking, and ended up chomping the poor thing in half.

    And to Sara, #30, I’m sorry, but I still think insect phobias are silly. It’s completely possible to get over them (I’ve done it!), and I see not doing so as enduring unnecessary stress and trauma. My opinions aren’t law, though. ;)

  19. I’m all for CBT (what’s the female version called?), but that would make me run around screaming like a little girl. Stingy bugs freak me out. But hey, props to overcoming a popular fear for pleasure!

  20. yes the second pic is very good, did it actually sting the person and if so where are the after shots??

  21. I was surprised to see pictures I sent to BME this summer. The insect is a wasp, and the jelly is strawberry marmelade. I was quite afraid doing this, but (unfortunatly?) the wasp didn’t sting my cock. Next time I would like to enter the cockhead in a glass tube, prisonner with the wasps and wait they decide to sting me. Some people say that adding perfume or alcohol let thembecome mad and sting. I shall send the pictures of my stung cock of cause.

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