27 thoughts on “What happens in Texas does NOT stay in Texas

  1. Yeah…Texas would make sense.
    But then again I’m from Indiana.
    But I’d like to think fucking cattle is just in better taste.

  2. #2, my monitor would like to thank (or possibly curse) you for the iced tea bath it just received upon reading your comment. =P

  3. what do you call a wyoming (or in this case a texas) farmer with a sheep under each arm?

    either really happy or a pimp

  4. much lulz at the people who think the sheep is real. Many more lulz at the picture.

  5. Just wondering if this is classed sex with a non-human non-animal or a plastic non-human animal?!

    In any case what is a non-human animal? and what are mermaids, centaurs and minotaurs classed as?!

  6. Could be the Netherlands too. I heard it in the news yesterday. A man has been accused of cruelty of animals but the judges decide that sex with animals is allowed as long as the animals are not suffering “emotional stress”.

    And because sheep can’t say “I do not want this” …

  7. #14. Texas is definitely in the axis of evil, right in there with Math, Dick Cheney, and the Economy.

  8. Ahh, I remember that weekend well. The only girl in a house full of drunken nekkid boys, and still I got no action. Stupid slutty sheep, always going “baaaaaaa” at anyone who came near….

  9. Its not just Texas.
    There is liable to be
    sheep freakers anywhere
    in America.

    Its America.
    Whats with the sheep freakin’?

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