Ouch! Bloody Venoms!

These French off-centre tongue piercings sure are bleeding a lot…

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68 thoughts on “Ouch! Bloody Venoms!

  1. I once had this much blood in my mouth. Of course, a tooth had just been removed.

  2. They don’t look happy…and neither does his labret; it looks kinda sore around it, hmmm maybe it’s blood too.

  3. Terrible piercings…there so crooked…

    I had NO idea they could swell this much…

  4. Regardless of the consistency of the blood, the piercings themselves look like they’re at a 45˚ angle, or worst. :/

  5. Uh, Ouch.
    And ewwwwwwwwwww.

    Maybe he drank wayyy too much the night before? Or he could be a borderline hemophiliac too.

  6. that doesnt look fun. my tongue piercing barely bleed, if at all. then again, everyone’s bodies different

  7. Did the piercer purposly try to make them both come out along the center of the tongue? Wow, this just screams horribly piercer and broken teeth.

  8. I agree that the placements arent ideal..

    but the blood could be attributed to the piercer possibly using a needle that was a gauge up. (I’ve seen it done for easy insertion purposes. I actually used to do it when i first started piercing.)

    don’t forget as well that blood in the mouth mixes with saliva and almost “doubles” the amount of blood. (in appearance.)

  9. My tongue split produced a lot of thick blood like this and it congealed a lot like the ‘bumps’ up there. Just looks like heavy bleeding for a piercing is all. Most likely nothing wrong with it…?

  10. Holy crap. When I got my tongue done it hardly bled. That looks horribly painful… AND WHY IS IT SO LUMPY?! Ow ow ow.

  11. I`ve seen this before. I had a co-worker who did lateral piercings like this and nicked the vein on either side of the tongue and the customer had this going on for 2 weeks.
    I removed the jewelry and the blood started pumping out. After some pressure was applied, the bleeding stopped and no more clotting, although, the piercings were lost.
    Down the road, she was pierced again with better placement and didn`t have this problem.

  12. Blah, it’s not swollen, it is blood! When I’ve had mine done, something like that formed around one of them. And remained there for about half an hour… They look pretty much self done to me, as they’re crooked too… Ah, fun fun. So glad mine were done nicely ;)

  13. Wow, i bet their stomach hurts from swallowing so much blood.

    You know, I like blood, but this picture squicks me out a lot. I think it must be the clots.

  14. That’s what it looks like when you hit “The vein” in a tongue piercing.
    A client came in to my shop from a neighboring shop once (I have pictures somewhere on bme..in the depths…
    The lumps were mass amounts of blood clotting under the tissue (mostly noticeable underneath the tongue like this one)
    We drove her to the hospital without removing the jewelry.
    I asked her to come back afterwards to see what they told her.
    The doctor just applied pressure behind the piercing for almost 30mins until the bleeding stopped.
    He told her she could keep the piercing since it appeared straight.
    She came back to me for a downsize (As she was less than impressed with her previous piercer…) and her tongue was prefectly normal.
    She said her tongue was swollen and almost black from bruising for a week or so.
    That picture doesn’t look fake to me at all… the thick clotty blood – the big lumps of swollen tissue – all pretty indictative of a punctured blood vessel.
    *Blah blah blah

  15. holy crap. (possibly said 10 times by now), that aint right I tells ya! ^^Very nice explination of the horrors of ill-placed tongue piercings.

  16. Maybe they were done at that angle intentionally to avoid veins, but it looks to me that the piercer failed at that!

  17. Rinse it outttt :( This is one of the only pics on modblog that has really grossed me out, and I can’t stop staring at it lol

  18. Looks like day 7 after my tonsillectomy.

    Clotted blood is a bitch to brush out of your teeth.

  19. These do look incredibly awful:( I wish the person who submitted it would post a response. . .

    I actually did a lip piercing a few weeks ago and managed to nick something. I did my typical check on the outside and in for veins or slight discoloration around the area I planed to pierce, then felt around the area for any odd feelings that could be out of sight. I saw nothing and felt nothing. I marked the area where I usually mark for a lip. I felt around the area again before piercing-still all the usual feelings, textures, looks, etc. I pierced and felt something was weird when the needle passed through. I hit my mark dead on and everything. I saw nothing in the area I clamped and did not clamp hard as I know that doing so can, along with a slew of other possible problems, trap any veins, capillaries, and other bad things to pierce in the path of the needle rather then have them sorta move out of the way as the piercing is being performed. I thought the kid’s skin might have just been tough in the area so I didn’t start to react just yet but did make a point to remember.

    The jewelry went in smooth and nothing seemed wrong. I looked over to grab the bead and when I looked back the kids lip already looked decently swollen. I tried to put the bead on but every time I moved the jewelry blood would pour out. It kept swelling and bleeding all over. I let it bleed for a few a bit. Not forcing it out but just sorta wiped it up then took the jewelry out. Obviously it started bleeding profusely when I did this. I still did not put too much pressure on the area and just controlled the blood flow. After a minute the swelling was almost completely gone and I put pressure on the area to stop the bleeding. It seemed like it took forever to stop it but I managed to get everything back to normal.

    I’m just saying this because it does happen. All of us piercers, I don’t care how utterly amazing you are or how much APP crap you have on your wall, we all make shitty mistakes without trying. This doesn’t seem to be the case here as the piercings are just sooooooo crooked. But I enjoy some of the slight “possibility” posts people brought up. For example the one about using a needle that is a larger gauge than the jewelry, using a small pen-light to check before piercing a tongue (and to that person – I can see that being a potential for cross contamination if this method of checking was not performed with the utmost precision in eliminating any potential risks. What method do you use?), that the individual may have drank prior or been a hemophiliac, or that they were done intentionally crooked. So many factors could go into it.

    I think it could have been bad judgment by a decent piercer, or just a complete and utter fuck up mess. Either way I still wish there was either more information or some sort of post by the piercer, piercee, or the piercer who was sought out after the piercing was done for assistance.

    As for the picture itself I’m looking at the persons lips and face and they are both INCREDIBLY pale. Something you’d see before your client hits the floor. This leads me to believe the situation was probably far worse than what is depicted and one would think that the person doing the piercing would have had much more on their mind after dealing with a situation than “I SHOULD SNAP A PHOTO!!”
    Or it’s possible that Shannon’s photoshop skills found their way into yet another post and the blood is more exaggerated than what the photo actually captured.

    All in all this is an amazing photo and I think if it is explained a little further as to what’s going on would be excellent to have posted in the Risks section.

  20. Oh dear. Those are awfully awfully crooked. The congealed blood reminds me of the blood clots that I spit out after nose bleeds. Tasted sooo gross and the smell stays with you.

  21. Oh and one of my friends had her tongue pierced twice in the same session. Her tongue swelled for a whole month and it never really went down properly until she was forced to take them out for surgery. I always wait at least 3 weeks between each tongue piercing so.. not sure whether or not her’s was normal.

  22. I still can’t beleive the amount of people who STILL say “when I had MINE done it didn’t bleed that much!”
    Was yours straight? Was it only ONE? Did it NOT hit a bloodvessel? (obviously the case here).

    Seriously.. it reeks of some very naive people when they leave comments like that. I don’t get it..

    Thing is though, that doesn’t look good. Admittedly saliva does some pretty weird stuff to blood, but that just doesn’t look right.

  23. Wow, that shouldn’t happen.. Mine are outside the veins, not a drop of blood. Shit does happen though, on occasion. I hope for the best for this person, hopefully everything rights itself. The body does heal. I’d like to see an update, personally.

  24. What’s not to get [insert extravagant name here]? Obviously they are naïve. I don’t get it…

  25. It might be the picture quality, but that blood doesn’t look real.
    However they do look very off-set.

  26. @ Leavethepoliticstomadmen; goot point!!

    my friend had three done (middle and sides) hers looked something like the above (OK the sides weren’t crooked but still) middle didn’t bleed but the sides did, took 4 hours for it to stop completely.

    as for his lip, that looks relitavely new and still crusty. mine did it for 6 months.

  27. Err they look incredibly too bloody and a bit messed up, i recently (4 weeks ago) had mine done and i do not remember them being at all anywhere near this bad!

  28. hey i have an idea someone that had something to do with the piercing or was there or knows the story tell everyone what happened please!!

  29. Those are really badly-done venoms, from what I can see in the photo. Though to me those bumps look like keloids, not congealed blood…even though I know keloids are uncommon.

    Obviously they have nicked a vein…no well placed piercing bleeds that much.

  30. i like blood as much as the next person but that is disgusting!
    also its scary to think there are people out there calling themselves piercers and doing that to people, its not good!

  31. Cant believe something like this could even happen ive wanted mine done since i was 10 or something and i went to have it done and he said you cant still i might go back and get a second opinion although he did do me a monroe piercing which did swell up instantly i saw sum1 else get a tongue piercing anf hers didnt swell or even bleed she looked like she had had it done for years

  32. is it possibly that with a naive piercer and a very convincing client with a bad placement of viens for venoms that he convinced the piercer to pierce at an angle so as to ‘miss’ the veins and still get the venoms he/she wanted to badly. so, bad judgement on two parts plus a veiny tongue?

    or is this rubbish and makes no sense?

    i really wish the person with these sent along some information to stop this possibly mistake from happening again or at least give SOME information so we know what happened! because this is just a tease lol now im horribly curious

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