Chin Piercings

ReplicaPhreak has one of the — three of the — rarest facial piercings, a set of chin piercings, done by my old friend Howard Frisell at Madison Piercing in Norway.

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35 thoughts on “Chin Piercings

  1. Wow, some serious Angelina eyes/lips. Too bad about the piercing overkill. A few would look great, but she overdid it big time.

  2. Well, that is what is beautiful to her, and who are we to say how many is too many?? I think she is beautiful and the piercings are too. I especially love the double septum.

  3. I think the piercings really enhanced her best features. I’m not a huge fan of the cheeks, but the rest are beautiful.

  4. wow she looks JUST like this girl i used to know. it’s creepy how much they look alike.

  5. I like the double septum as well.
    The chin piercings look really nice. Seems like it would be quite ouchie to heal, but then I’ve never had them. I’d like to try a single center but my chin is sort of bony. Is this done with a surface bar with a slight curve?

  6. wow, i’m not usually a fan of a face full of piercings but it works really well on her

  7. Those piercings suit her face wonderfully. I agree with #8, I usually full face piercings sort of, well, annoying and distracting, but these are BEAUTIFUL

  8. I don’t think she overdid the piercings at all. For some people, a lot of piercings like this might look as if they are consuming that persons face.. but I think they actually compliment her face quite nicely. She’s a pretty little lady.

  9. it’s killing me that she only has one nostril pierced. everythings symmetrical except that. ahhhhh ocd

  10. I thought she was bald, until I realized that ‘shadow’ in the first picture was actually hair. I think she’d suit bald better especially with shaved down brows.

  11. Hi everyone! And thank you so much for all the comments, I just love a compliment or three.
    My piercings are healing extremely well. The middle one is over a year old, and has migrated only 1mm.
    The two other ones are about a month old, and seem to be doing fine.
    Oh, and the nostril, I know, it’s terrible. One got infected, and I had to take it out. A new one will be coming shortly. :)

  12. Actually, cheek piercings (unsure of the proper term) are getting a lot more popular lately.

  13. Hey… I first saw this chin piercing which freaked me out compared to the above (and very beautiful) chin piercings. It’s located on this piercer’s profile.

  14. I really don’t think everyone could carry this off, but she does…they suit her and personally I don’t think it looks overdone at all.

  15. The placement, balance, symmetry…she’s making it work beautifully!
    I like it!

  16. in my old high schools rule book it said ‘no chin piercings’
    but i dont think this is what they were talking about
    well thats what this reminded me of
    but very nice!

  17. i think she looks great. there are people who dont wear their piercings with the same grace as she does. thats her babies :) and she looks good with them :)

  18. I still think shes’s hot, she’s beatyfull, all of her facial piercings are worn with grace.

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