Ear Shield

I love Just Me‘s handmade ear shield! Very neat… He’s also got a nice set of facial scars which you can see on the clickthrough, done by Lukas Zpira.

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37 thoughts on “Ear Shield

  1. Brings Kill Bill to mind for me, perhaps it’s the suit and katana(?)..though the sunglasses say matrix

  2. i had this wonderful little image of him as my hired bodyguard-slash-best friend where we’re eating ice cream in a park until he slices a puppy in half because it gets too close. because i mean, he’s a bodyguard. that’s what he does.

    seriously though the ear shield + shades is just about the coolest look ever.

  3. I LOVE that ear shield! I wish I had one, then when I go to the heair dressers, the combs wouldnt get stuck in my jewellery.

  4. That is sooo unique. And actually very flattering.

    Between the glasses, shaved head, piercings, and suit though he kind of reminds me of Rude from Final Fantasy 7/Advent Children.

  5. i would totally order one if he would make them for people. it looks like he’s part robot

  6. Not to give away my unprecedented nerdishness, but does he remind anyone else of Rude (from Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children)?

    On a side note, I always love seeing really well dressed pierced people. Living in NYC I sometimes feel like I’m not getting looks for my stretched lobes, but for having stretched lobes and an Armani shirt on with slacks as opposed to skin tight jeans and a t-shirt covered in skulls…

  7. Wallyworld8 has the right idea. I might not have my cauliflower ears if I had had some plastic ear shields when I was wrestling at Iowa U.

  8. “ear shields…the new grill?”

    haha, YES. It should be. Because grills need to go away, seriously.

    Also, this is possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen.

  9. wowwwwww
    it’s like that bad guy from terminator…how he’s all liquid metal like
    i wonder how the process works…like making dental retainers perhaps?

  10. merci pour les compliments ill take care of my neck hair and update my page later with some info but no i didnt make this and yes it was made from a mould

  11. This guy would make an awesome video game or movie character. Now, would he be the badass heroic character or the badass brutal villain?

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