Russian Guys

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79 thoughts on “Russian Guys

  1. I don’t know what to say besides…this is beautiful.
    The blues have been enhanced but it is still beautiful.

  2. Russian people are super natural. I can almost hear a sultry accent whispering dirty things into my ear.

  3. I’m just… I don’t know… impressed… seduced… can’t find the word… I’m just open-mouthed… want him in Paris!!!

  4. gorgeous. i would love to see a closeup of his ears (…out of context, thats a little weird teehee). a agree with ash, as well

  5. I dont know but the first picture reminds me of Ikarus, with the scars and the feathers around him, the blue of the sea he falls in, just so amazing.
    And the second one is just stunning!

  6. he looks like the vampires do in buffy
    in some of his older pictures he looks like
    that kid from the teenage wearwolf movie

    oh and i think he’s gay ladies

  7. He looks like he could pull off being a superior being from outerspace camouflaged in a human body.


  8. oh wow… hes soooo hot… *drool*

    birth crisis, lol, my boy friends dad is from russia so my boyfriend knows russian and he sometimes speaks alittle to me.. its hot… lol

  9. Prancing through an exotic fairieland!! “Come hither, my woodland spritez, so that I may frollick about with thee, as welleth!”

  10. I’ve never use a photo from the internet for my background before, but the one from behind with the scars was too much. Now everytime I open my computer, I get to see that. Wow. Gay, straight, whatever, holy shit, wow.

  11. Ya know, for me, him being gay makes him that much hotter. I LOVE boy on boy action! The scars are neat too;)

  12. I LOVE his scars. He looks like one of those evil body guard guys in a movie. Hot, but could do with a new hairstyle.

  13. That man is amazing beautiful. Russia, here I come!

    I love the scars on his back. I believe the caption when they first appeared was something along the lines of ripped off angel wings? I love that.

  14. Nice swastikas.

    Interesting too that over 70% of the comments are about how attractive the guy is and not his modifications.

    The figure jumps to around 85% when an attractive woman is posted too.

    Modblog = Hot or Not (for some anyway)

  15. Is it just me, or is anyone else dismissive that he has some goddamn SWASTIKAS tattoed on his body???

    I mean, the irony is that the nazis’ view of the world would have strongly prohibited such a way of body modification. He’d propably be the first to go!

    Seems like the idiots never die out.

  16. Ohhh, shit. He’s eerily pale… hair, skin, and eyes. Attractive in a creepy way I think.

    I’d like to see some better pictures of his back/neck piece.

  17. Gee whiz apox, there’s never been a debate about swastikas on Modblog! Everyone’s ignoring them just to piss you off.

  18. @#54: Yes, but the swastika, regardless of exact shape, IS often strongly associated with national socialism.

    His angel-like pose doesn’t exactly help to invalidate my doubts (ubermensch-concept used by the nazis)

    So I guess he has to live with not getting applause from everyone ;-)

  19. Are you seriously assuming that someone is more likely to be a nazi because they’re in shape…??? Outside of anything else, that’s pretty insulting to everyone else!

  20. @#59: I was just talking about THIS particular case. To sum it up: before I see a proof that the symbols are meant in a “harmless” context (like e.g. hinduism), I think it’s more favourable to assume (and more likely) that this man is a nazi, and that one should disapprove of these particular tattoos.

  21. apox I think if you would of taken the time to look at his page you would see he belongs to a forum that is about untarnishing the symbol that his a dark spot in history. You should not be so quick to judge. Just because he is blond haired blue eyed with a well sculpted body.

    As for the photos them self I think they are wonderful. The photographer has a great talent. And was lucky to have some one with such a presance to work with.

  22. YES! IRIS! You’re right on! X-MEN!! He looks like something straight out of an x-men comic, really! His eyes are just eerily perfect, his body is just a touch too pale and too perfect, even his stance and hair are like.. perfect. its so perfect it looks impossible.. superhuman…

    yeah.. x-men this man is!

  23. ухаххаха… год назад переписывалась с ним в аське… жесть=)
    антверпен шикарен конечно..бесспорно

  24. i am officially creeped out.
    the wings on his back are gorgeous but he does look as if he wants to drink my blood.

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