Russian bodybuilder with a “Unique” look

I spotted this today on English Russia (click through for more) and thought it definitely needed to be shared here — certainly one of the nice things about being that big is you can look however you want, because if anyone makes fun of you, you just crush them and eat them! I like that the look is complete — tattoos, body building, hair, makeup, fingernails, everything!


88 thoughts on “Russian bodybuilder with a “Unique” look

  1. Strangly enough, its only the big lips that look odd to me. Everything else seems to work well, at least to my eyes. Oh and the back tat is pretty sick.

  2. Not gona lie, he scares me a little bit. Something about the combination of being huge and wearing booty shorts.

    Props to him for doing his own thing an for the cool tatt.

  3. My friend sent me a link to these pictures last night, and I’m pretty sure we decided that though slightly odd, and maybe horrifying if met face to face, he still looks surprisingly awesome. However, the booty shorts kill the look. Booty shorts are never ok, ever.

  4. All i know is that I couldnt fit my ass into those tiny lil shorts… kuddos on that side..

    each one to his own? but he does kinda scare me…

  5. I love it – collagen lips, fangs, booty shorts, tat nipples & everything! That is one unique guy. Those Russians sure know how to live on the edge! 🙂

  6. I’m slightly terrified… it’s like a drag queen bred with a viper snake… PICK A LOOK: GLAM OR SLAM. he makes my brain cry. i commend him on his unique look but wow. just wow.

  7. Lipgloss! Woohooo!
    It is by far the most shocking individual I’ve seen on modblog for while now but he is unique and I like him (with shorts rather then with a thong).

  8. I like how even though his body is really masculine he has those big lips and make up on. It’s quite the contrast. he’s still intimidating as hell though.

  9. Lovin’ that cock sling. He looks normal from the from and like the Hulk from behind!

    What’s with the guy in the background of the last picture? Wonder what he’s thinking.

  10. The pretty lips are just a little bit too “Jame Gumm” from Silence of the Lambs. Other than that, awesome.

  11. He makes me uncomfortable to look at. Like he can’t even move around freely because of all that bulk. I find body builders unimpressive..they aren’t even THAT strong.

  12. That guy has DSL lips fo sho…although if I were a dude I wouldn’t want to put my dick into anything THAT fucked up lol

  13. *imagines biting your tounge with those fangs*
    very unique but not sold on the lips.
    the scariest thing is deff the shorts/thong
    **shakes head and walks off muttering**

  14. im not even sure on what to say…..the fangs….lipstick…nails….tiny cutoffs??? made it all the better…love these pics….oh and the click threw was just as great… tiny black g strings on big dudes….whats not sexy???

  15. ummm…I shouldn’t have clicked through! That is just WAY too much! The makeup..the collagen…the BOOTY SHORTS…the nails…but I do like the back tatt. But the booty shorts/cock sling just killed it. Booty shorts are NEVER ok!

  16. ugh, read the comments on the connected web site to the picture, people are calling him a “Fag” and being REALLY rude….
    i personaly think the fangs are sexii ^.^ and the body art is amazing

  17. hmm, the only thing i could think about was either he has a small dick or it fell off from lack of air lol.

    i never thought i’d see a bodybuilder who i could really stare at without losing interst within 4 sec.

  18. i usually don’t give body builders a second look, but i cant stop staring at this guy. not sure if its positive or negative. but ..GEEZE. quite shocking and unexpected. If he didn’t have tattoos I don’t eventhink I would pay attention to him. Body builders are overrated. lol

  19. Wow That’s kinda hot

    I think it’s funny that I didn’t notice the big lips until I read the comments and didn’t notice the fingernails at all until I went back to read Shannon’s comments.

    I only really noticed the feminine look of his face, mostly the eye makeup. The rest is just regular mody modification and I think he looks good.

  20. It kinda strikes me as odd, but very original. But isn’t that what mods are all about? Love the fangs!

  21. Wow. Wonder who does his ‘brows. The Korean women on the corner always leave mine too thick.

  22. I saw him few times on Tattoo Festival in Saint-Peterburg. He’s weird guy, always with make up, always in same shorts and without any words. He’s always fast looks all Fest and go home (or in GYM). I’ve never seen hi talking with ppl or laughing… never.

  23. OMG look at his shorts!!!! That really made me smile. Very sweet, in a sort of incredibly disturbing way…

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