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  1. When I first started speaking to her that stomach was flat and she had fresh hip piercings!

  2. nice. i’ve been holding out on getting mine done since we’re going to start trying to get pregnant soon. nice to see hers is holding on. my friends got stretched beyond recognition.

    also, this pic makes me want a baby right now

  3. #5 – I’m not sure you can blame Shannon because you were looking at modblog while eating. 😉 Hey, it could have been worse. At least you weren’t eating hot dogs while you saw a DIY penectomy! Or calamari when he posted the cervical piercing…


  4. #8, I can easily look at a photo of an amputation or DIY penectomy while eating without a problem. But a preg belly is enough to make me throw up. -_-

    (Yes, I’m aware this is considered strange =P)

  5. I think pregnant bellies are beautiful. Unfortunatly, people who dont really want and can’t afford to have children are having them en masse, and sometimes I feel like it ruins it for the rest of us.

  6. that’s my belly! almost 32 weeks now and it’s still surviving just fine… even with the belly button sticking out more and more, making the jewelry sit off to the side at times.

    -I do have arms lol.. one was holding the camera, the other making sure my shirt stayed up. =P

    -as far as I know, the baby isn’t a zombie… just a baby boy lol.

  7. I want to look away… but I can’t…..
    Really, this makes my mouth drop more then amputee and castration mods… Shouldn’t she at least have a ptfe bar in there?!

    Two points I’d like to make:
    – Why is someone considered a “troll” or a “bint” just because they display an opinion contrary to the common “golly geeze, that’s great”?
    – Not that I think it should be bloggers responsibility to ensure everything is work-safe or non-offensive (everything will be offensive to someone) but if you’re going to blur out nude body parts, why not stomachs (which are seen as a sign of sexuality, and are prohibited in many workplaces and schools (not that you should be reading this when you’re in those locales))?

  8. stomachs aren’t primary or secondary sexual characteristics, leer. unless you’re interested in navel penetration… o_o

    also, if trolls don’t feel the need to censor themselves, then neither should modblog.

  9. Okay usually I just ignore all the trollerificness,
    But I mean really, if you don’t want to see something possibly offensive to you maybe you shouldn’t be looking at ModBlog in the first place… it’s too damn diverse to not offend someone sometimes.

    Anyways! I’ve never seen such a big pregnant belly still adorned with a navel ring! I’m amazed, is it giving you much trouble or what? And congrats on the little one, zombie or not. 😀

  10. Leer-
    I thought that the whole point of this post was the fact that her navel piercing isn’t rejecting. And there’s plenty of other semi-nudity on modblog that isn’t blurred out if you scroll down a bit. But I have to ask, would feel the same way about the need for stomachs to be blurred out if the picture was of some guy’s/girl’s nicely toned abs? Just curious.

  11. leer – I have a ptfe bar, which is what I normally wear, but had just purchased that one for after I have my baby, and decided to try it out.

    TheWomanMonster – thank you! no trouble at all… when I wear normal bars in it for too long it starts to feel a little sore, so for the most part I have the ptfe bar in.

  12. My beef isn’t with the fact that it’s possibly offensive.

    I just think it’s stupid to blur out a cock or tits on the basis that it’s not worksafe or offensive to certian peoples sensibilities (in which case, why are they here?) but keep another sometimes sexualized part of the body intact.

    Also, calling someone a troll and then directing people to go to their blog is hyprocritical (just a teensy tad bit ;p)

  13. Grats and I think the belly looks really nice with the ring. As for Nikki and the others, if you don’t like it – don’t look. Scroll away, something. And blurring a belly? Sorry, that’s a bit much.

  14. i’m almost 31 weeks pregnant, and my 7 year old navel piercing is doing fine. Had to change the jewelry to a longer barbell, but it might make it.

  15. If you scroll down through the rest of the page, you’ll see a couple of posts with uncensored breasts. And there are certain cultures in which showing any part of a woman’s body save for part of her face is considered highly inappropriate. There plenty of situations in our own culture where nudity is inappropriate… but this is modblog. Its kind of difficult to discuss body modification when you censor the body itself.

  16. some people sexualize eyes…maybe we should blur those out
    word on the street is that some people can have a foot fetish too..guess we should blur that out too..
    …oOo, ive been told i have nice hands and that they’re really attractive. i guess shannon should make click throughs for peoples hands as well

    …fuck all of this dont blur anything out, dont fucking look at modblog at work if you work in a place thats closed minded, and dont fucking look at modblog if you arent willing to push your own limits on the images you see cause modblog will always push you in a new direction that you didnt think possible

  17. I don’t think Nikki was trying to get a rise. That’s just not a pretty site. Usually the horrific things are blurred and are under a cut or something :\
    I think it’s pretty crummy you linked to her journal like that. I love reading modblog but that’s just…crummy of you 🙁

  18. this picture reminded me of my sister’s beautiful pregnant belly and how the holes from her belly button piercing are starting to look all funky and distorted. but i think this picture is absolutely beautiful. the piercing makes it look even more elegant and motherly in my opinion

  19. “i don’t think it was a question of looking at it at work.”


    my personal opinion is FUCK CENSORSHIP, but seeing as this site censors some stuff, why not slide all the way down the lubed up slope?

  20. Leer — I’m simply not going to censor bellys. It’s ridiculous. I mean, I don’t censor chopped off fingers, I don’t censor play pierced breasts — I don’t even censor non-sexual genital shots consistently! I’m not about to censor a belly just because some people who list their “favorite things” as “abortion” want to rant about it. It’s silly.

    PS. Since a few people have sent me complaints for linking to Nikki’s blog for folks that want to debate whether pregnancy is appropriate behavior for humans or not, she posted the link publicly to Technorati and LJ — anyone can see it from the “who’s talking about ModBlog now” link. It’s not a secret or private detail that I revealed, which I would not do…

  21. My god people, how immature are you? If you don’t like it, there’s no need to comment on it. Just don’t look at it again and you’ll be fine. I think it looks beautiful and it’s really cool that you can still leave your jewelry in with it being so large lol 🙂 cute.

  22. Shannon – this is to you and isn’t meant to be modded into the comments.

    Sorry about encouraging this Nikki character. I was trying to difuse her apparent mean-spiritedness with humor, and I guess it backfired. Not only was it not funny, but it didn’t have the desired effect.

    I should have recognized her for a troll and ignored it.

    Sorry for whatever part I played in this silliness.

  23. shit. it seems as if you only moderate the first comment. well, looks like i’ve stepped in it again, huh? more apologies…

  24. I’m just curious what your guidelines (if any) are for censoring stuff, or is it just “graphic” sex/porn shots?

    And I don’t know whose journal you’re referring to in regards to “‘favourite things’ as ‘abortion’” but my interests list is just unicode.

  25. I did come here because of Nikki’s link, but honestly, I don’t think her comment was that bad :/ A lot of people get pissed off and/or disgusted on this site. I read it regularly, so I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but … different strokes for different folks.

  26. I just reread her comments and wish to change “that bad” to “bad at all.” She wasn’t attacking the pregnant woman in any way.

  27. Her comment may not have seemedd offensive if you dont know her intentions but look what’s on her blog “I think pregnancy is disgusting. I think the prego belly should have been clickthrough-censored.”

    It’s good to know she wont be reproducing.

  28. I am completely thrown off by the fact people think a pregnant belly should be censored. I mean.. REALLY????

    That can’t be true..

  29. Asheosuicide, congratulations, good luck, and you look amazing!!

    I kept a belly ring (swapped for a plain sleeper earring near the end, which just poked out a wee bit, not too bad) through my pregnancy 11 years ago – and I wish, wish WISH I’d taken photos along the way! I also have a wreath of roses around my belly button – its beautiful and amazing watching your skin stretch to accomodate a baby, and even more amazing when it all goes back nice and flat afterwards!

    Fingers crossed the delivery is nice and easy! And a word of advice, wee babies (6 months +) like to grab pretty dangly belly jewellery, and that HURTS!!

  30. i really can’t believe that someone would want a pregnant stomach blurred. if my first ModBlog feature wasn’t, nor many other features that may be jaw dropping or “overly” sexual, neither will a pregnant stomach. grow up. a complete web page won’t cater to a single person’s needs, and never will. we all have differences, likes, dislikes, turn ons, turn offs, and so forth. don’t like it, don’t read it or look at it. offended? like we care. i think people like her need to be violently cut from the strings holding their over sized egos up. oh no, i guess that means i want her censored now too, huh.

  31. I love this picture, it’s so beautiful! Good luck with the birth AsheoSuicide, hope everything goes smoothly!

  32. What a most ridiculously overblown argument over a simple picture of a pregnant lady with a navel piercing.
    And waaaay back up there (before I got bored of reading), someone said that ‘everything can be considered offensive’… what?! People are ridiculous.

  33. That is an absolutely gorgeous belly. Enjoy your pregnancy and have a wonderful birth!

  34. I honestly do not understand how a pregnant belly is offensive in the slightest. I mean, it’s probably one of the most natural and instinctual parts of life.
    Personally, I think it’s wonderful. And I find it awesome that her navel is still doing nicely.
    How is it that so many people on bmezine are fine with gored carcasses, violent sex, and other things commonly found as offensive, but some people can’t handle a pregnant belly?
    Doesn’t make sense to me.

  35. The way we all got here is by being carried in someone’s belly. Why would it cause so much drama! Those of us who are lucky enough to bear children should not take it for granted and leave mean spirited comments. Unlike Nikki who needs to grow up before having any opinions about certain subjects. If she were to bear a fetus to term no one would be able to tell due to the layer of blubber between her ribs and skin. Someone as stupid as her should not reproduce anyways!

  36. Nikki hates children and pregnancy, she would rather the world to stop reproducng which would result in the human race to die out and so I come to the conclusion that Nikki is sad ass mofo who wants to die.

  37. stabbyLOVE, I agree with her. She didn’t say that here, she said it in her personal journal. That wouldn’t have affected you if you hadn’t visited it.

    PS: Kayla, cough.

  38. iLuvBabyBumps, fat = stupid? Seriously, people need to actually read through their comments before they post them …

  39. Go little naval piercing, you can make it!
    Also it is my personal opinion that the way a woman’s body is shaped during preganacy is majestic. I don’t plan on having children myself but I tip my hat to those that are up to the task.

  40. I’m currently 33 weeks (almost in my 34th) pregnant, and I have managed to maintain not only a navel ring, but a tattoo as well… I might be getting a little hot under the collar because I am pregnant myself, but I don’t think that something so natural and beautiful need be censored, or have a click-through. If it weren’t for “Breeders” none of us would be here… 🙂

  41. Jets; My point was: In context, Nikki’s comment was offensive. If you looked at everything out of context nothing would make sense.

    I dont think iLuvBabyBumps was trying to say that fat people are stupid, rather he/she was commenting on Nikki’s stupidity through her perspective. And her obvious weight issues was just another easy target for an insult. In anycase, we all interpret things differently but inferring that iLuvBabyBumps’ comment meant to say that fat=stupid is just silly but your mistake is forgiven. It’s not your fault that you’re in the same boat as Nikki i.e “I agree with her[Nikki]” unless you also have major issues with grammar and that isnt what you meant. If that’s the case I suggest you go buy some year 10 english text books.

  42. I think this is beautiful 🙂 I can’t really see why people would find a pregnant stomach offensive, much less ‘horrific’, as one comment said.

    Good luck with the birth; I think your tummy looks lovely 🙂

  43. This is not the first time pregnant women have been featured on modblog, so I guess nikki hasn’t been around long. I think it’s great that Shannon posts a wide variety of people and experiences here. In my opinion, that’s what makes this blog so great and that’s what keeps me reading.
    While I do respect that some people are very childfree, I think it’s a little silly for them to go parading around the internet insisting that every website that posts a picture of a pregnant woman or child is out to ruin their lives. I don’t see a “GO HAVE BABIES NOW EVERYONE!!” sign anywhere on this post. It was just a picture.

  44. It’s so nice to see that people with piercings are actually growing up, marrying and having babies! Congratulations by the way! I’ll get my navel pierced this fall and although I’m not planning to get pregnant any time soon (like in the next 10 years), I hope when the time comes mine will make it too!

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