51 thoughts on ““Poser… literally!”

  1. I think she looks beautiful! When I see people like this I want to know what they look like with no makeup, died hair or mods. Would I still think she was beautiful? In the end is it really the eye of the beholder?

  2. i think i saw this girl on the cover art of a cd today, although i forget what the cd was, does anyone know if she was on the cover art of any cd’s?

  3. hello!
    nope, i dont think i am lucky enough to be on any cds..
    as for the dreads, yeaps they are dreads extentions..
    hehe :p

    and thank u for the kind words!

  4. Most beautiful girl. Eee. I’m so glad to see her posted on here.

    P.S. Wati, I LOVE your dreads!

  5. I love dread extensions, I just can’t find anyone who knows how to do they and I am retarded when it comes to dread extensions. I’ve gotten good at other ones such as sew ins, and clip ons.

  6. I really like her look and her mod’s suit her perfectly but it was her eyes that drew me in, there’s something really deep about them. Beautiful!

  7. Wati!!!!!!!!!!1 its about time indeed….raoR….you make me want candie…..mwah

  8. Awesome! I have a monroe and my bottom lip pierced, and I’m working on my nose.
    I’m also stretching my ears, with a goal of 3/4 inch. But, you look amazing in this picture. Although I’m not as brave as you are with my make-up and hair, I’m glad there’s someone out there who is. Lovely girl

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