Oaxacan Coast

There once was a girl named Copper Wire
Whose tattoos (and curved bits) I’d admire.
I may blog her too much
But don’t you dare say such,
Because her pictures do make us perspire.

This is the sad state one finds oneself in when one does the seemingly incompatible acts of writing children’s books with poorly structured rhymes and blogging about beautiful people. Hey, it could be worse… “Because she elicits our sexual desire” rhymes too, hahaha. Anyway, two more nice photos from that beach that are better mod photos as well: one, two.

35 thoughts on “Oaxacan Coast

  1. i think we need to schedule a world wide, go topless to the beach and show off your mods day

  2. Copper Wire is dreamy as hell, Ive told her so and I say it every time I come along and see her on here.

    But I also agree with the people who say variety would be good. 😛 the more beutiful girls you post here.. the better you see… include that with some hot guys and my friday lonley nights could be semi fixed hahah

  3. I love black and grey on dark skin like this, it looks so nice.
    It’s kind of sad, I can’t find any pictures of older women with tattoos. There are “tattooed lady” pictures, but while the photo is old, the women are young in them.
    I’ve only seen one woman over 30 with a sleeve, I’d like to see more, but it seems I’ll just have to wait until this generation gets old.

  4. She’s always seems to be somewhere fabulous, or just looking fabulous reclining and lounging around.

  5. There once was a man named Shannon,
    Who wrote after drinking heavily from a flagon,
    He attempted to flirt
    But looked like a berk
    As his poems were as subtle as a cannon.


  6. No offense Shannon, but your poems make me cringe; limericks without rhythm are just wrong. Let me know if you want a proofreader.

  7. Hey I kinda like his poems.. Of course this particlar one wasn’t his best. They have a slightly dements dr suess quility to them..

  8. Where is that beach? I think i might have been there before. Is that one of those beaches that only exist at low tide?

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