10 thoughts on “Jim Ward Audio Interview

  1. I really hope that this catches someone’s attention outside the body modification culture. Really.

  2. I really wish some of the younger ModBlog watchers would read this and learn from it.

    Shannon – Maybe you could do another jump with Jim sporting some fake breasts just for the newer crowd 😀

    Can’t wait for his book to come out and those PFIQ reprints. Getting them over Ebay is expensive business.

  3. Jim Ward sounds so sweet. I feel like he genuinely cares about everyone he speaks of. His answers are very thoughtful and cautious. Fakir seems much the same, so maybe it’s partially a result of the difficulties they’ve endured over the years. I don’t care about seeing celebrities and don’t get star-struck at all. However, going to see Modify: The Movie, my husband was incredibly amused to see me act like a groupie upon seeing both Fakir and Jim. I hope this whole “Karl Rove’s pierced gay father” results in some new perspectives and open-mindedness in the mainstream.

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