Self-portrait inside a self-portrait

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24 thoughts on “Self-portrait inside a self-portrait

  1. I’m diggin the circular barbell in her medusa (at least thats what I think it is). I kinda wish I had tried that back when mine was 14g

  2. I’m ashamed to admit how long I stared at it trying to understand the self-portrait within a self-portrait thing. And then, it hit me: Photoshop! (My other guess was very similar looking sisters…)

  3. it would be cooler if it wasn’t photoshop-ed(photoshopped?) but that’s impossible…

    maybe that’s why it’d be cooler. haha.

  4. that’s my pic!!!
    and I wanted to explain something about it hehe.
    it’s not photoshopped, it’s just me and a friend :o

    how cool! I’m on the modblog ^_^

  5. I like the photo (and photoshoppyness).
    And I’m digging the circular barbell there too.

  6. No, it’s not photoshop. and no, we aren’t sisters, like you all think. (:
    just a nice pic that was taken in our vacation. ^^
    yes, it’s confusing [and lots of ppl had been confused XD]. but I’m the girl inside the sunglasses, and Rona is the other one.. :P
    and, it’s an old pic, 4 months ago, so probably we don’t look the same now (: or maybe yes… :P

    thank you!

  7. I thought it was two different people lol
    the one in the glasses has a monroe piercing it looks like and thats it.

    i love the circular barbell in the mesdusa. Very cute.

  8. This picture confused me very much. I thought they were twins and I would continue to think so if she hadn’t commented on it :P

  9. my homie did the same exact pic a while back….its a good idea non the less…..nice percings but i dont like her lips….

  10. ppl! you just don’t want to listen to us.
    we are N-O-T twins.
    we’re friends.


    here you go, old pics of both of us, so you will understand that we are two ppl.
    I’m in the left and Rona is in the right.
    4 months ago.

    TODAY we look like this :P -


    TAKE A LOOK. (:

  11. YAY!
    Thanks…now I somewhat know what snakebite Ashley’s, a Jestrum and a septum look like together!

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