14 thoughts on “Funny Photo of a Labret Scalpelling

  1. That’s some fantastic jewellery after the link.

    Not a massive fan of scalpelling as it feels a bit too ‘quick-fix’ for me. Prefer the slow and ritualised process of stretching meself.

  2. hey dude….that’s john durante. my personal fucking piercing hero. he comes in my store a lot. i barely got my nipples done and they were rejected. but i want to get more done. john durante is a “G”

  3. Cool… To Noah, cheers bro, thank you!!! In response to the cutting, his stretched besote (which once WAS a labret) was putting too much pressure upwards twords his lip, and had usefull tissue below, as well he wants to fully turn it over, and then do the Philtrum as well… He will be a sexy duck!!!

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