14 thoughts on “Kuna Woman’s Septum Piercing

  1. I would LOVE to find some cute septum jewelry like that for my septum…oh the woes of stretched septums ^_^

  2. yeah ppl with stretched septums have a rather hard time and a limited selection to nice jewelry, i mean really ho many different types of jewelry is out there for us larger septum havers, you have plugs (mostly crappy choices in no flare :()
    the you have CBRs the big ones are really heavy and may deture most from long periods of wear, then circular barbells, and then pinchers i cant really thing of much else

  3. Only Kuna women get this piercing, and i think, if I’m not wrong, that they get it done when they have their first period, because they do celebrate that whenever a girl of the community gets their first menstrual cycle.

  4. it was photos like these that drove me to get my septum pierced at 19, and I’ll do it again someday.

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