Warning Label

By Vicky


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22 thoughts on “Warning Label

  1. Lol yeah inadverently missed a O so it’s a good thing you are here to save everyone from a typo rather than a misspelled word.Since you like to correct people mabye you would like to know the meaning of the word I spelled when I made that particular typo.Corner:1.the point where two lines meet or intersect.2.the intersection of two streets.I could go on but i think you get the idea.

  2. What if the coroner’s office is on a street corner? A question for the gods and the fates that one is.

  3. Looks like something a frat-boy would get tattooed on their leg, egh.

    I know someone who has “Type 1 Diabetic” tattooed in beautiful cursive on their lower bicep, juuuust in case.

  4. spelling nazi’s piss me off, to the Love of mariam webster you can be so stupid as to know what the person meant….

  5. too bad the only picture I have of this is while its healing. I actually recently went back into it because he lost a lot of little lines with the scab.

    He’s not a frat boy. He’s not diabetic. He’s just a walking disaster.

  6. I’ve noticed the people who hate spelling and grammar nazis the most are the ones that cannot spell Merriam-Webster.

    The leg tattoo is hilarious AND useful. Makes me wish I’d thought of it first. ;)

  7. This is just a rip-off of Matt Pritchard’s (from Dirty Sanchez) tattoo he has on his shoulder blade!

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