Eyelid Tattoos – 20 Years Old!

Holy moley, I really really love these photos (there’s a second if you click through) of Micah and his father (they sure look alike!). I’ll let Micah explain —

I thought you’d get a kick out of these. After about twelve years, I reconnected with my dad (this was last summer — I’m just slow at getting pictures developed). Anyway, here are some shots of us in Gloucester, MA. Yes, those are tattoos of eyes on his eyelids. They’re about twenty years old and were done by Big Joe Kaplan at his shop in Mt. Vernon, NY and twenty years later, my dad still thinks they’re the funniest thing in the world!

I think the whole “nature vs. nurture” thing applies here… considering I barely knew him growing up, and hadn’t seen him but once in twelve years (and who knows how long before that).

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43 thoughts on “Eyelid Tattoos – 20 Years Old!

  1. It’s interesting how they hadn’t been in each other’s lives for 12 years, but they’re both into mods. Pretty cool.

  2. can you imagine rolling over and waking up to a someone with eyes on their eyelids? i wouldn’t know if i should laugh or be creeped out.

  3. Everything about this makes me smile.

    Also, it took me a moment to see the tattoos, I did not realize what I was seeing at first.

  4. haha, a friend of mine has the dad’s shirt…nice tats, nice to see family reconnecting…and yeah, i also am of the mind that nature ultimately overpowers nurture…there are some things you just can’t control!

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  6. Micah fuckin’ rocks!!! He is also the head of the Nu Ethix chicago branch. Hit him up… He’ll take good care of you with your suspension(s).

  7. When I see pics like this I wish my Dad was still alive so I could be all crazy with body modifications with him!

  8. Christ, I wish my dad would drop off the planet and only reappear if he suddenly understood my love of this stuff, or got some of his own. Oh well, at least he’s in Korea.
    This is an adorable couple of pictures.
    Also, I’ve always loved the Native/Homeland shirt.

  9. To Pierre (#18)and
    When I took this picture Micah was standing on a hill. Don’t let him fool you!
    And may I just say, that the similarities between the 2 of them are disturbingly abundant!

  10. that’s actually really trippy. i don’t know if i’d be able to look at him with his eyes closed for a long time. haha.

    so a little off topic, but, the main picture on bmezine..wouldn’t it just be a cartlidge to conch…not inustrial to orbital?

  11. is it possible, that i saw your dad an his eyetats
    in an early “TATTOO”-mag in the nineties ?

  12. Mela: it is possible. i remember as a kid, he brought me a page of a tattoo magazine that had a picture of him. that probably would have been sometime in the early 90′s.

  13. hahaha, my first thought was DAMN. I thought he had a really bad lazy-eye at first glance, lol.

  14. It’s like Jughead from the Archie comics. Except he used glasses to look like he had his eyes open.

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