59 thoughts on “Getting Married At The Studio

  1. Im like, stunned.
    I hope you 2 all the best.

    And man, you sure have a beautiful wife 🙂

  2. I had a friend who was married in a tattoo shop… It was pretty awesome (except for the stupid friend who read a poem that no one cared about and cried through the whole thing).
    Definitely a good place to get married if it’s your lifestyle 🙂


  3. i love when i see spooky looking fuckers getting married to hotties. gives me some hope 😛

  4. awww married on my birthday ^_^, congrats and i wish you guys all the best 🙂
    p.s. thats an uber cake 😀

  5. Best wedding ever.
    The jones makes it even better.
    A life time of happiness to you both! 🙂

  6. Great cake.
    Glad to see someone putting customized Jones Soda labels to use.
    Beautiful photos.
    All the best!

  7. All the best, you guys!
    Love the Jones, and the cake topper really is hilarious, my mum had the same one on her wedding cake too!

  8. Straight back to work after the ceremony, I guess. Cool cake (I hope not indicitive of what happened…)

  9. i don’t understand why everyone says the cake is so funny/great/whatever? am i missing something? is it supposed to be all smashed looking?

    i just woke up from a nap. my head is groggy. maybe i should look at this again in a little bit?

    i’ve never had jones soda but every time i pass by it at target i want to get some. has anyone tried the thanksgiving dinner flavor? just curious 😉

  10. #38- The turkey flavor is fucking disgusting, but perplexing and hard to stop drinking once you’ve started the bottle.

    Congrats to people who apparently had the coolest fucking wedding props in the world. If they breed, their children will be very attractive (and possibly vampires or some shit, heh.)

  11. Ok so i was doing my usual modblog look for the day and i was scrolling down andi see this wedding photo that i was about to sip over due to my dislike for that particular tattoo shop and suddenly i realize that they are getting married by the same minister that married my and my husband this past january HOW WIERD lol anyway felt like i would share that for whatever reason

  12. still waiting for a cake explanation…all i see is a smashed up homemade cake. i don’t understand the “coolness” or what have you.

  13. #s 38, 47 and 49 – look at the bride and groom plastic figures on top of the cake. That should give you some idea.

  14. thats funny. we got a speech about some other modified wedding. and i assumed it was a certain couple, must have the gift. you had a great officiant too.

    well we’ve got 4 years under our belt. and its the spot we met!

  15. mutiny64 – so is it supposed to look like the bride had to wrestle the groom back up to the top of the cake? *shrug* i still don’t get it.

  16. awww max brand, hate to let you down but its been a year and some change now….im gonna have to go look you up now on iam and go leave sweet comments to my iam buddies who made nice comments :]

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