And I thought my beard was prickly!

These were done at Holier Than Thou in Manchester, England.

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37 thoughts on “And I thought my beard was prickly!

  1. that eyebrow jewelry on his left hand side (your right) looks like its putting alot of pressure on the tissue ontop of it. I wonder how new it is?

    I think the goatee of spikes would look .. more striking if he didn’t have that piercing on his bottom lip.. it looks a little measly compared to the big spikes coming out of his lower jaw! Still, they’re are some very attractive piercings there!

  2. wait!!

    …he or she?? I assumed it was a HE since it looks like he has an adam’s apple.. but #3 said she and he DOES look a little feminine in some areas..

  3. It’s gotta be a chick. I love how that septum looks. Is it just a curved barbell or something?

  4. #9 you’re right on the nose… its the jewelry .. they all seem to be either too long, too short, too curved, too straight… they don’t fit well!

  5. Sigh…

    That ‘custom’ eyebrow jewellery is administering some major pressure on the tissue around it. Embedding and rejection can be achieved with one piece of jewellery! Hurray!

    …and Holier Than Thou have a good reputation amongst the industry over here.

    I despair.

  6. I’m sure it’s a girl. It’s something about the eyes and the mouth. Oh, and the thing that looks like a fishing line is a scar I think.

  7. I’m… not sure that any of this was done with this person’s face in mind. On their own, each piercing is a pretty neat piercing, in concept. But.. as it’s been mentioned, some just seem ill-fitting, and I’ll be damned if that isn’t one of the most irritated piercings I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t know. I feel like the whole effect is to make her face look really off-kilter.

  8. re: ill-fitting jewerly: maybe she just threw everything in for a photo op? except for the eyebrow of course.. that wedged in there.

  9. thank you #16

    also, maybe the eyebrow is just a few days old and swollen?
    sometimes my piercings are like this at first but mellow out within a day or two and turn out fine.

  10. I wouldn’t put it past someone to wear something like that daily, not just for show.

    I’d definitely agree that the eyebrow, bridge, and labrets appear to all require downsizing to shorter post lengths.

    Not going to comment on the eyebrow weave thing, not without a response from Graham explaining what we’re looking at there. It might be fresh or it might be very irritated/scarred.

    Personally I would have opted to do them initially with curved barbells and then once healed insert a piece of Tygon to sort out the angles required for a custom fitted piece of jewelry.

  11. I’m with Warren on that one, if the eyebrow is fresh I would have use two pieces first then moved on to the fancy stuff… It could have been done for budget reasons… And the spike isn’t going to help with trying to avoid incidents or accidents. Good luck to her, she’s healed the rest so she knows what she’s in for. All the other piercings are well done… just better fitting jewellery would finish it off nicely… “two cents worth, please”

  12. From what Holier Than Thou said to me about my industrial yesterday I doubt they’d have put that one piece of jewellery in straight away with the amount pressure it’s causing.

    Ah well.

  13. People criticise too much. Maybe she WANTS it too look this way.

    And regarding the ill-fitting jewellery, im sure whe not in a photograph, most of the extra length or whatever being referred to is not as noticeable as when its in a still, close up photograph and that its really not an issue.

    As for the right eyebrow, practise makes perfect.

  14. Definitely un-girly.

    Don’t know actually why, however

    As long as she likes it it’s ok anyway.

  15. #16 — gender HAS nothing to do with it, you’re right… we were just debating as a side-note, wondering if it was a she or he. It wasn’t out of malevolence or anything.. its just curiosity

  16. that eyebrow is making mine hurt just looking at it if it wasnt so irritated it would look good

  17. the eyebrow that is supposedly rejecting has been in just under 10 years. its a she not a he not that gender should be the discussion, although i’m sure sherri would be amused. the oral work is all around 7/8 years old, so is the bridge. the weave is a few minutes old, it may settle, it may not, sometimes people want things done even though there not gone work long time, it’s her choice, she’s not a dumb girlie.

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