15 thoughts on “Leg Spines

  1. it belongs to a girlk by the name of voltaire, shes also on barely evil.com, frankly its a cool tattoo but I really wish he would have atleast tried to be more original, i hate when people just copy others tattoos

  2. I agree with #3 very Centipede-ish…Gave me flashbacks to those evil fuckers that would actively try to attack humans, in the Caribbean.

    #5: What is the IAM members name, that has the original piece?

  3. it’s kinda like that post from a while back of the guy who has the eagle tattooes on his back and his shoulders. if the arms moved it looked as if the wings were flapping. i could never personally get a tattoo like that. too much thought was put into it. i’ll stick to my random drawings and cartoon characters.

  4. There is a chick with a very similar style tatt going all the way up her leg and to her under arms. Looks X 10000 better than this. Wish i knew who she was.

  5. i’m pretty sure that’s the sexiest pic i’ve ever seen with a girl not showing any nudity. wow. i wonder if i can get my woman to do a pic of her invader zim tattoo. it’s a beautiful 256 shades of gray.

  6. thanks for the feed back
    im looking for a artist to finish this piece since mine just up and left ot vegas
    thanks again 🙂

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