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  1. This one’s got me stumped. I was going to say that they might be ‘good luck’ charms, but I’m not so sure that a cup of coffee and a pretzel symbolize good luck.
    They look really cool though, and I love his mutton chops.

  2. I too m drawing a complete blank…. I can see Lucky Stars, Jewish Pretzel, maybe even Sea of Diamonds? And then… Death by coffee? But I can’t see a theme just yet. Maybe they are songs?

  3. How about different trends or fads that most people seem to go through at some stage in their life?

  4. I’m guessing that those are the symbols you get whenever you hit a key on the home row for whatever font that is.

  5. At #7.
    I didn’t know that Judaism was a fad or trend.
    I guess you learn something new everyday.

  6. Rosie- that little incident would definitely designate pretzels as good luck then, wouldn’t it? hehehe

    Ayway, I think that they are very neat tattoos, but I can’t guess any better than anyone else as to what they mean.

  7. I was really hoping someone figured it out in here… haha crap. I guess I’ll check back later, since I have NO CLUE.

    p.s. nice chops!

  8. It looks like that wingdings (sp? haha) font found on some computers. Don’t know what it would translate as, if it was said font tho…?

  9. Could be his stages of life past present and future(including places he could of worked at….sounds silly but just taking a stab at it:
    Coffee mug- cofee shop
    Star of David- started bcoming faithful
    Anchor- joined the navy
    Skull- obviously when he dies…
    doubt thats it
    I am stumped…

  10. If it was “true love” it would have the two ‘e’s as the same symbol, so it can’t be that unless they were different cases. Hopefully the guy will get on here and tell us what it means!

  11. I know who that is! it’s WOLVERINE from the X MEN isn’t it?
    Those sideburns give him away everytime!

  12. OK. Shannon, if you know the answer to this and you don’t tell us, we are going to be very displeased with you! I’ve rechecked this about 6 times now because it’s driving me nuts for some reason.

  13. I’m thinking something along the lines of “happiness”. Not spelling the word, but all of those things indicate something that makes some people very happy, no?

  14. So, first off, my name is Sean. Second, I never thought that I would be modblogged, let alone have this many comments. Thanks everyone for the vindication and a good feeling or two.

    Concerning my tattoos, there is no theme or general intention behind all eight tattoos together. The only two that really matter are the Star of David and the pretzel; they’re on matching fingers and are for my parents. I have a Jewish mom and a German dad.

    The coffee cup comes from my unrequited love for the drink, simply enough. The rest are just symbols that appeal to me, aesthetically.

    Sorry that there isn’t a better story to put down, but I am willing to consider some more theories. Thank you, Shannon, for the appreciation.

  15. How about relating the symbols on the opposite fingers (ie pinky to pinky) Lets see… Dead people(skull) can’t drink coffee(coffee), Germans(pretzel) persecuted the Jews(Star of David), Pirates(anchor), look for treasure(diamond), and I don’t know about the star and omega.

  16. I don’t think it’s Omega on his right middle finger. Its upside down. So I guess horseshoe? Or maybe omega being upside down has some importance. I just hope after a hundred guesses we aren’t told “they’re all symbols. DUH”

  17. What looks like an Omega is really a horseshoe. They were done, once, at a shop. Parts of the horseshoe, a lot of the diamond, and a side of the pretzel fell out worse than the others. They will be re-lined in the near future.

  18. on the right hand are the passing (transitory) aspects of life (money, lucky, addictions, religion). and on the left hand are intransitory aspects of life, the stuff that anchors us down???? death (skull), endless space (star), infinity (even though it looks like a pretzel?

    the chops are really coming in.

  19. At #15: Meybe you’ve forgot, but a couple of years ago a whole bunch of Hollywood celebrities got really into Kabbala.

  20. Er, I just thought I’d point out that saying “Cabbagetown, Georgia” is kind of inaccurate, since Cabbagetown is a neighbourhood within Atlanta. There’s not actually a city called Cabbagetown.

    But the tattoos are neat, and it’s always fun to see a city (or, in this case, a neighbourhood) that I know listed. Hooray for Atlanta!

  21. Well… even though river already posted why he got the tattoos, I still like the story that #39 and #45 are pretty good.

  22. I know he already told us, but I’ll give it a try anyway…

    When coffee beans are harvested, jewish people carry them by horse to a market where they sell them for diamonds. Then, they are shipped overseas, The captains orient the ships by the stars and eat pretzels all day until they die from obesity.
    Okay. That wasn’t funny.

    Let’s give it a serious try:
    Coffee = Waking up = Life / Birth
    Star of David = Spirituality ?
    Horseshoe = Luck
    Diamond = Wealth / Beauty
    Anchor = Rest / a Home / family
    Star = Freedom / Orientation
    Pretzel = Always having something to eat
    Death = the final goal we all reach for (wow, I sound like a goth now…)

    So… it’s a description of a happy / lucky lifetime

  23. I had some old school sailor dice with those symbols on it. I used them to hustle short cash because no one knew what the symbols were so I could win whenever I wanted. Probably not that, but they are familiar.

  24. Gummo? o.0

    Doesn’t remind me of Gummo, but he is adorable.
    Probably has the best sideburns on IAM.

  25. As a resident of Staffordshire in the UK i’d like to point out that i believe the “pretzel” is in fact a staffordshire knot.

    [EDIT: I’ve just read Rivers’ comment and i see i am mistaken. Bah, i thought i was being so damn clever too]

  26. everybody, scroll up a bit. anything by ‘rivers’ is the actual guy who got the tattoo explaining it. lol.

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