VCH Gone Wrong!

Scarlet writes in about her VCH gone wrong — the piercer not only went through the hood, but kept right on going and pierced through the shaft and head of her clitoris, giving her an accidental Isabella piercing! Oooooops!

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96 thoughts on “VCH Gone Wrong!

  1. Why didnt she take it out? Also, does this increase or decrease sexual pleasure? I think it looks pretty neat, but painful.

  2. Hopefully all is well with the wearer of this piercing–what a horrific mistake! I know I would be fuming if I had gone in for one piercing and ended up with one so much deeper…especially in that location!!

  3. i’m pretty sure i’d find a way to sue… this is not just sloppiness but quite dangerous incompetence.

    i’d at least make sure whoever did it never worked in the body art industry again. there are screw-ups and there are “i was too drunk to get the needle in the right place” incidents, of which this is the LATTER.

  4. Wow. The level of incompetence here is astounding.

    Also, am I mistaken in thinking an isabella starts *below* the clitoris? Piercing the shaft / head is an actual “clit piercing,” I thought. Also, I certainly hope all or most of her nerves in that area are still functional.

    I’ve wanted a VCH for a long, long time, but this is one of those things that scares me away!

  5. any good piercer can sucessfully perform a VCH… to mess up like that, the piercer was really dumb
    having the hood and the clit pierced together must pinch all the time :(

  6. Holy shit. I hope she’s okay after that. This is causing me to have second thoughts about getting a VCH too.

  7. Whoa…. that’s pretty crazy.

    Looks like maybe they clamped it and/or were totally unaware of proper anatomy. Also, why is that navel bar upside down? o_O

    8g receiving tube all the way people. Clamps and VCH do not mix.

  8. it looks like they usedanavelcurve aswell. and honestly thats unacceptable in and of its self. and yes a recieving tube properly placed would of prevented that mess.

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  10. On a different note- Thank you, Shannon, for posting images of mistakes and glitches right along with photos of wonderfully perfect mods. For someone who is so focused on promoting body modification, you are amazingly careful to present all sites of it. For that, sir, I salute you.

  11. Christ on a bike, what kind of idiot fuckstick screws up a VCH? People, RESEARCH YOUR ARTISTS *BEFORE* GETTING WORK DONE BY THEM.

  12. I agree with 23. But also, there’s no reason to be afraid of female genital piercings. I mean, really, of ALL the VCH piercings that are done, the amount that are misdone, like this, is so small. Plus, most likely, a bit of research into the piercer’s abilities (or pictures of successful piercings of the like he/she has done) would have prevented this.

  13. hahahaha Lori idiot fucksticks apparently screw up VCH’s.

    #24: I’d be inclined to say that you cannot make a statement like “the amount that are misdone, like this, is so small” unless you can back that up with proof.

    Factor in how many QUALIFIED/SKILLED body piercers there are and how many sub-standard piercers/shops there are. The sub-standard currently severely outweighs the qualified/skilled artists.

    Because of this I’d be inclined to say they are botched a lot more than people think. And either the client keeps them not knowing it was botched, or they remove them. But not many people that get them done, are vocal publically online,etc about what happened.

    Since not many people are all that big about talking about their genitals to the average public joe/jane schmoe.

    I’m just still baffled because by doing it either with a RT and blade needle or using a Catheter needle there’s really no way that you could POSSIBLY fuck this up, if you had even the basic understanding of what’s going on.

  14. jeez, I could have that that one better (assuming proper tools)

    My girlfriend also had a similar, though far less dangerous experience.
    She went to get a triangle, seems like nobody in Israel knows how to perform this, I’m referring to a piercing that goes under the clitoris. We talked to the piercer he said he’s done a plenty. It was at the beginning of our piercing journey and we didn’t know what else to ask.
    Anyway, in goes the needle and my girlfriend breaks down crying, which is no typical (she just got 6 outer labia piercings and barely flinched) a week later I took a closer look since she wouldn’t let me touch it before. The piercer passed the needle through BOTH inner labia. We never went back to that piercer for anything more then earlobes.

  15. Yeah… so, not only did they fuck up (which, I don’t see how a pro could do that because the hood is really pronounced, and with a receiving tube nothing could really go wrong)


    I have a feeling she did it her self, I can’t imagine a pro screwing up THAT much and then putting in such inappropriate jewelry.

  16. I totally went all crazy in that… Uh, I definately meant to say “not only did they fuck up, they also put in wrong jewelry”

    I need to clam down when I write shit, jeez.

  17. why is everyone harping on a bananabell being used? i wear one in my hood piercing. all it is a curved barbell with one ball larger than the other. i like it because my hood’s kinda long and with smaller balls the bottom one isn’t visible. i mean, yeah, it’s upside down, but whatever. should the (not at all inappropriate) jewelry really be the issue here?

  18. also, i just noticed that this girl doesn’t seem to really have the anatomy for a vch. her hood is kind of tight fitting–doesn’t really look like there’s room for a vch, even if done properly, so i’m wondering why the piercer even attempted this piercing at all (besides the obvious fact that he/she is an idiot)

  19. at 32: She did not do it herself we were at a studio that previously did my Apadravya and her nipples just fine, but it was a different piercer.

  20. I am on a piercing forum she goes on and she didnt do it herself. And its all taken out now, although as far as I know she still has no feeling.
    I think the problem is that the piercer didnt say anything like “Oh shit, Ive messed up”. She let her walk off and go home with it…

  21. Shit, that had to hurt Alot!
    When I got my vch the piercer also screwed it up. I had looked her up, found a couple of girls having gotten themselves a vch by that piercer, I also spoke to her asking how many she had done and so on.
    When i got there I knew she was gonna use a receiving tube and needle pushing down into the tube. I don’t have a problem with pain at all. And everyone had told me it would go Very quick. Then she inserted the tube under my hood, talked to me (I never want them to tell me When the are going to pierce) and then i felt the needle going through. Lying there I thought: This wasn’t bad AT ALL. But then, the pain of the needle going through didn’t stop! And then I felt pain in my actual clitoris. It didn’t take a second or two like people had said, it took much longer. And that confused me as the hood is Really thin and not much to pierce through.
    She had MISSED the receiving tube and the needle had kept going straight into my clitoris. She didn’t say anything, put in the jewelry and then I paid and left.
    The pain I felt wasn’t anything like I had been told it would feel like, because my clitoris hurt, never heard anyone mention that it would.
    Didn’t think much about it then. But the pain never stopped. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t pee, I couldn’t walk. Nothing, without it hurting like a bitch. And sex, no way.
    Read that it heals really quickly, and yeah, it did. But the pain never went away in my clitoris. I spoke to several other piercers online asking them what the hell could have happened. No one knew. And it’s kinda hard to see Under your hood to see what is going on down there. I really loved my vch so I decided to bare with it. A couple of months later (still the same pain and everything) on my morning toilet visit i noticed Blood in my underwear. My period was not to be coming, and then i realized it came from my piercing. It kept bleeding for 24 hours or so. After that the pain stopped! Now it’s no longer uncomfortable at all and Finally I can enjoy it instead of suffer from it.
    I’ve poked around lifting and looking, can’t see anything that could be wrong with it. It doesn’t run through my actual clitoris or anything, just the hood.
    I still don’t really know what the hell happened with my vch, but I’m glad the pain stopped and i can now move and “use” it as normal without any discomfort at all.
    And yeah, NEVER gonna go back to that piercer. Even though you Think you have looked the piercer up and everything, you can never really know it seems.
    So, NEVER use clamps for a vch piercing. I’ve never seen a successful vch piercing performed with use of a clamp. And then again, my piercer used a receiving tube and still managed to fuck it up. HOW I don’t know, but man it hurt like a bitch for several months. Up until it bled, and after that it’s been perfectly fine.

  22. I just cannot comprehend how any piercer can mess up a VCH!! I find it one of the simplest piercings to perform. I am in total shock!!

    I echo Loris statement and also Warrens last paragraph is exactly what I was thinking.

  23. #32 No she did not do this herself. I happen to know the studio where she went to get this and they are barbaric, unprofessional and totally uneducated. On top of all that they’re over priced and just plain fucking rude and if you think the piercers are bad you should really check their tattooists out.. Christ on a bike!!

    People say things like “Oh but my friend works there and they’re good” blah blah blah. Anybody else who works in that studio if they were that good and knew what they were doing would not continue to work there and thus indorse such fucking stupidity.

  24. im from the same forum as scarlett, and to read what shes been going through is horrendus!
    what im going to ask is… why do u think she done it herself just because its a mess?? everyone can fuck up in their jobs some ppl do it on a daily basis and get away with it..

    reserching your piercer isnt always gonna stop mistakes from being made

    hope you get better soon scarlett!

    Dawn xx

  25. On the ‘thinking she’s done it herself’ thing.. being a woman myself.. with a clit.. I just can’t imagine anyone accidently piercing their OWN clit like that.. unless you didn’t know it existed or something!

  26. Another BJSer!

    I rememer when you posted this originaly!

    A lot of harsh comments for something that isn’t her fault!

    As scrawney git said… “the studio where she went to get this and they are barbaric, unprofessional and totally uneducated”

    Utter shite studio.

  27. If she’d done it herself, she’d have done it… y’know… correctly.

    Women know where their own clits are. At least those wanting VCHs do…

    Any moron can pierce a VCH for goodness’ sake. Why do stories like these even exist??

  28. utterly shocking.
    here in the UK we don’t tend to use Recieving tubes and for VHCs pierce from the inside of the hood to outside, so even less chance of getting it wrong you would hope.
    IMO if any permanant nerve(sensasion)damage has occured then yes deffinatly a case for sueing

  29. Another reason to educate yourself before getting pierced. I would out them on it as much as possible and do my best to not let anyone else make the same mistake.

  30. “IMO if any permanant nerve(sensasion)damage has occured then yes deffinatly a case for sueing”

    Or even if any nerve damage hasn’t occurred. If you pay someone who’s supposed to be qualified to carry out a relatively simple piercing, and they perform their job so negligently that they manage to pierce the most sensitive part of your body, causing extreme pain, then you MUST have a case for assault/negligence or something, even without lasting damage.

  31. tattoedmat – ah, that makes sense! I was sitting here wondering why everyone was harping on so much about how using clamps for a vch is a terrible idea, when I have a vch from a very reputable studio that was done with a clamp as you described, and worked out perfectly. I guess it’s just a matter of different methods.

    This, on the other hand, is complete incompetence. I’m not even sure how it’s possible to make that kind of mistake – does it not seem like it might be a good idea to name the studio and warn people?

  32. To whoever said she wasn’t anatomically suited to the piercing because her hood was tight.

    If you look in both pictures she’s pulling back so you can see both balls. When a guy pulls on his foreskin it looks tight aswell (Speaking from a British point of view where most of the guys have foreskins)
    The skin down there is INCREDIBLY stretchy anyway, and it looks like she’s pulling REALLY hard, so yeah, chances are the skin really isn’t too tight.

    Ooops is definately the word for this.

    I don’t know how she could possibly not have known that it’d gone wrong, I mean, didn’t she look at it before she left??

    It’s as much her fault as it is the piercers in my opinion.

  33. I dont think there is nothing to say, the picture says it all.

    bad piercings, bad custumers, bad everything.

    (yep, bad custumers, i dont think she knew what she wanted.. otherwhise she would never let him do this shit.)

    think before. do after.

  34. She has since retired this, no return of feeling yet.

    Theres a full write up of her experience/legal actions/loss of feeling over on in the experiences section.

  35. i think it is the same girl as the one who wrote into QOD, some of the wording is the same. poor, poor lady!

  36. God. I can’t even imagine just how terribly painful that must have been. I hope she sues, wins, and gets all the monies.

  37. It seems like some of you are really comfortable sitting around talking shit about how she did this to herself when in reality you have no idea of the circumstances. Cut the chick some slack.

    I’m talking to you, #60.

    After reading the thread that was linked to, I really have no doubt that this is a tragic occurrence that happened to someone who didn’t deserve it.

    Final point- if you don’t want people to judge you based on your appearance, how are you comfortable telling this girl that she’s a hack who did this to herself from one photo?

  38. Poor girl! I mean it looks pretty damned interesting but it’s sure as hell not what she wanted either in piercing or risk in loss of sensation. My genital piercings are self-done and bla bla bla, but really, I could’ve been blind and probably hit her VCH a lot better than that.

    Shit happens and even the best piercers have things come out a lil wonky…but damn. No excuse for this one. Did the piercer even know where the clit is? (Under the CLITORAL hood, perhaps?)

    I hope she gets things sorted out.

  39. It must have been very painful…….. I got a horizontal hood piercing and those 3 secondes when I got pierced were the most painful thing in my life….. More painful than delivering my baby boy!!

  40. my piercer also used a clamp and went from the inside out so to speak. receiving tube my ass!

    i hope the feeling comes back but unfortunately many clitorises are very small and a 13g needle probably would fuck it right up.

  41. what the fuck, that is really sad. I could never imagine how that could be done wrong. Did she say it was a girl piercer? I hope she gets feeling back and she needs to sue that is so so wrong.

  42. #71 infernalmachine: Your piercer used clamps to pierce your VCH ¿o_O? ummmmmm oooooookaaaay. Reading further upwards I hear more people have had VCH’s done with forceps…*shakes head* Talk about mind-boggling if you ask me.

    also why do you say 13ga needle? The jewelry is 14ga and you certainly do not need a half-size larger needle when doing VCH’s…Especially if you are piercing from outside inward.

    Also any needle that passes through the clitoris, regardless of what gauge size it is, has the risk of “fucking it right up” Although with the much larger gauge sizes I could only imagine much more trauma to the clitoris.

    This is why when anyone goes to a studio, they really need to check out portfolios…Talk to the piercers,etc and get a “good feeling” about them…They need to verbally be able to state everything going on and why it’s going on confidently and as always its a good idea to look at portfolio photo’s.

  43. I feel that knowing the studio responsible for such blind stupidity I am doing the best thing for everybody here by naming and shaming the butchers responsible for this.

    The studio responsible for this is none other than Asgard Body Piercing in The Bargate Centre, Southampton, Hampshire UK. They also have a ‘studio’ located in Winchester, Hampshire UK. The people who run this place are more interested in whats in your wallet than doing anything resembling a decent piercing/tattoo and are quite happy to prey on people’s naivity and misfortune of not knowing any better. If Warren (the boss) is reading this then please do the decent thing for the general public interested in getting pierced/tattooed in the centre of town and close your studios. You know you don’t care.


  44. wow.

    to do that implies not only incompetence as a piercer, but incompetence in the bedroom as well. sucks to be him.

  45. Ouch…
    I’m not sure how I feel about using a public forum to shame people but I’m glad I know where the piercing-gone-wrong came from so I can avoid it like the plague.

  46. The main thing to do is not just stay away from shops like this. If you have health risks obtained from getting work done, you should really be documenting the problem and sending a statement along with the photo’s to your local Health Department asking for proper legislation/regulations on the Body Piercing/Tattooing industries.

    If you just let it be and only word of mouth pass on the info, it’ll only keep happening. If the complaints/problems remain silent, then its viewed as nothing bad is going on. But if you make it public and demand the Health Departments/Governments get involved…The more people doing that, the more they’ll have to react and implement changes.

  47. I just want to stress that we did do our homework before getting it done and we did get some good references about Asgard (online but…). Again I want to stress that Asgard handled my turning my PA back into an Apadravya and Scarlet’s Nipples with no issue. It was based on the fact that those three piercings were okay that we decided to trust the studio again.

    How messed up the piercing was was not evident at the time time of the piercing and only after a week when she had to pull herself apart (as in the pics at the top) did it become obvious what had happened.

    Please stop blaming the victim for the crime, it was not her fault. It was the fault of the piercer.

  48. I am appalled at some of the comments on here. #60 you especially, Scarlett did her research, knew what she wanted and trusted the piercer because she had been successfully pierced there before. I cannot believe however that the piercer was so ignorant of the anatomy of a VCH that she missed completely! How can Scarlett be blamed for this? and lets face it, by the time she got to see the piercing, the damage was done, the only way it could have been prevented is if she had watched the procedure, but no, we have to trust the skill of the people that profess to know what they’re doing because the industry in the UK is insufficiently regulated. less of the bullshit please people, this is not scarletts fault. _=hugs scarlett=-

  49. I feel I have to comment on the recieving tube vs clamps debate. I am a UK piercer and I use a recieving tube and pierce outside in. I still cannot comprehend how anyone could miss the recieving tube unless they weren’t holding the tissue or tube securely enough in which case they sure as hell shouldn’t have got to the stage of actually performing the piercing.

    I don’t believe this is an issue of which technique is best. It’s more to do with competancy (or lack of).

  50. all i can say is make sure you see work that the person has done and just because your piercer is great at navels and other basic piercings dose not mean that there good at genital piercings, i know alot of piercers that are great at the basics but dont know anything about genital piercings, so i would always search your area for a piercer that has done alot of them since there are tons of people getting them all the time. if there is no one in your area then traveling to get it pierced is worth it

  51. @ #40…
    hey Symbolic… i’m pretty sure i know exactly what happened with your piercing. the way i see it is : you ended up with the piercing being through the hood and then through the clit, but shallowly (i really don’t know if what i say is clear… it’s hard to describe and English is not my first language)
    so it hurt all the time because it was always pulling and the piercing was trying to reject. when it started to bleed, that’s because the “shallow clitoral piercing” had finally rejected completely, which resulted in tearing (that is what caused the bleeding), so then what can be described as a “hood and clitoris orbital” (because the jewellery went through both)became a just a regular VCH. your clitoris was now free so it stopped hurting and things went back to normal.

    what i said makes sense, right? anyways, i hope i helped :)

  52. Agreed #82 Kivaka….I won’t put the blame on Scarlett…But I will say just because they dealt with other piercings perfectly ok, doesn’t mean they were experienced/capable of doing genital work.

    NEVER base a Piercers skills on the shop they work at or what they might have done for you in the past. Ear lobes aren’t Tongues aren’t Nipples,etc.

    For some reason I thought I remember reading somewhere that the piercer that botched this one up, wasn’t the one who converted the PA into a APA, nor were they the ones that fixed the nipple piercings…I might be wrong, but I could have swore that was said before…But for the life of me can’t find it now.

    Regardless it sucks that this has happened…It could have also be A LOT worse…All this is, is a lesson…Always research the mods…Then research the studios THEN research the artists that work within the studios before getting work.

    And like I said if you get a botched job like the image posted, make it public and bring it to the health department…Demanding they put more regulations on our industry.

  53. i always use a reciving tube for that reason i had another piercer at my shop that insisted that i use forcepts and he was insulted when i told him they wernt the safest for that piercing
    always do your research on your piercer and the shop
    hope she is ok

  54. Ahh, Scarlett made Mod Blog!
    I heard this story right from the beginning, and it still horrifies me now. Any piercer who is obviously not competent to pierce a plain VCH (which come on, isn’t the most difficult) should not be even entertaining the thought of agreeing to perform a genital piercing.
    I urged Scarlett to persue a law suit on this case, as it should never, ever have happened.
    She’s currently suffering the effects, even after retiring the piercing. My best wishes go out to her and a hope for a speedy recovery x

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  56. I have a Vch and I hired a young artist who was building her portfolio to do it for me in the comfort of my home. I requested that she use a clamp as well. She pierced it from under the hood up, so she didn’t pierce anything that she wasnt supposed to lol. My anatomy is rather small so I use ear- cartilage barbells, or eyebrow rings, and I think the jewelery depends on the anatomy of the woman. Mine was only a quick pinch and It helps me be me. I wonder if having a female piercer helps get the job done correctly?


  58. #91 erm, what? she peirced her cat?? why in the hell would you do that! That’s a bloody horrible thing to do to your animal.

  59. #92 Wooow you’re an idiot.

    But this happened to a friend of mine. Again done by some idiot who doesn’t know what their doing. I just thought it was a horrible mistake. At least it has a name to it which means some people actually do it on purpose.

  60. Does anyone know what the final outcome of this was? Last I could find, Scarlet still had not regained any sensation and was pursuing legal action against the piercer.

  61. This exact thing happened to me 2019. Was intending on the vertical hood, came out with an accidental Isabella. He approved my anatomy and told me he would make it work. (I wasnt pushy about it. I was gonna get a Christina if not) I expected the pain but not like that, my entire body left a sweat print on the paper when he ran the needle through. A flash of “that wasn’t right” and I yelled, “that was my clitoris” but as the pain started to not be so immediate, I left the idea and accepted the pain as what to expect. Its been 3 years and I can barely feel a thing. I cannot achieve anything sexually, I beg women to be careful with this one. I have to sit in the shit I decided to do to myself and I am constantly battling depression in direct regard to it.

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