51 thoughts on “Islands

  1. Haha, I love this photo! Reminds me of the time I was 12 and sent my friend a postcard that I thought was a picture of a hill. It was not. It was a picture of an artfully-lit breast.

  2. hah that’s great. you’re scrolling down and all you see is a beautiful sunset and then BAM, a nice set of boobies.

  3. is wrong to say i just want to stick my head between them and go… bbbrrrrrr!! lol. great pic

  4. You know……….if you focus more on the water than her boobies they kind of look huge. Like it’s something else…other than boobs….I don’t know.

    Sort of strange I guess….but very beautiful…I like boobs too.

  5. aw omg looove. and yeah im a lil prouder of the fact mine are big enough to do that after seein’ this pic.

  6. I’d like to retire on those islands but I doubt I could afford to “support them” 🙂

  7. well,if there were any guys hangin’ around that same lake,I’m sure there would have been a lot of Loch Ness style sightings after seeing those stickin’ out the water!

  8. Thank You everybody for Yours comments 😉 that kind of boobies are only in Poland 😉 In Warsaw and they are real 😉

  9. This made me laugh!
    I was scrolling down, took a look at the lovely sunset, scrolled down a bit more and a big pair of breast pop out! :]

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