Scar Wars 2007: John Joyce

Shawn Porter ( writes,

This weekend I was lucky enough to host piercer/Scarification artist John Joyce at my appointment only Xanadont Studios in always sunny Philadelphia. In between cuttings, I was able to spend some one on one time with him discussing the art, business and the state of the emerging Scarification Culture. John had a fascinating insight into the current school of cutters, and a few choice words of warning to the up and coming ranks inspired by some of the achievements of his generation. All in all, an amazing visit by a true professional. I highly recommend anyone interested in the ART and culture of Scarification to sit down with John and be prepared to listen, learn and laugh.

John Joyce will be cutting by appointment only at the SCARwars 2007 event in Philadelphia. Contact him for appointment availability and requirements.

   Scarab Body Arts
   215 Walton St.
   Syracuse, NY 13202
   Studio: 315-473-9383
   Cell: 315-430-0180
   [email protected]
   aim: scarab john
   iam: j_scarab


Editor’s note: See more of John’s great scarification work here on BME, as well as previously on ModBlog here, here, and here.

18 thoughts on “Scar Wars 2007: John Joyce

  1. As always, great work. I really hope that I am able to come to Scar wars to get some work done.

    I need to pester my potential travel companion about that.

  2. John did my flesh removal about 5 years ago and he is absolutely amazing. Technique, result and manner throughout are all tip top.

  3. John does sick work. I wouldn’t do scarification on me personally but I think it takes amazing talent and technique and he’s got all of that. There are a good 10-20 shops within a 45 minute drive from me that pierce, but I drive the 2 hours 15 minutes to Syracuse to have him do my piercing work, and I’d drive double that, super nice guy and extremely knowledgeable!

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