A Lot of Corporate Logos

Capitalism is even starting to permeate the world of scarification, as this client of Rodri’s (Madrid, Spain) who’s already tattooed himself with lots of his favorite logos moves on to skin removal work! Click through for a close-up.

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30 thoughts on “A Lot of Corporate Logos

  1. He should of waited for endorsement deals like nascar cars, make them bid for skin. Like you want your logo on his cock, start bidding.

  2. I love it. He reminds ME of a Nascar, too…I think it’s hilarious. Good for him. I also love the Senegal flag and “In Vino Veritas”.

    Oh, and the Predator mask also rocks house.

  3. I’m sorry.. the predator mask outweighs anything else in this photo. I am unable to look away from that awesome mask and can therefore not even comment on the tattoo or scar work…

  4. Jeep and Ford logo’s eh? Not very dedicated :( lol. Personally, I would never do this but it’s an interesting idea. I guess.

  5. the mask threw me off exponentially. i thought it was his face and thought, “i wonder what ails him..”

  6. haha… how is the mask hiding this guys identity?

    im pretty sure he is the only guy covered in logo tattoos like that. it wouldnt be to hard to spot him.

  7. I love it simply because it’s provocative, and it’s going to piss off the types of people who carry on about body mods having to be ‘sacred’, ‘meaningful’ and ‘spiritual’, according to their own judgement of what constitutes such terms.

  8. I agree with Chaq. No one cares if your tattoos have a story. Do what you like and keep the stories to yourself. A lot of people don’t understand my tattoos. If they ask for an explanation I may give it to them, or sometimes I just make up stupid shit.

  9. I agree with Chaq and Dizzy, this is fucking hilarious. Or maybe I’m just mesmerized by the dude’s Metallica tattoo that no one has noticed yet.

  10. I dunno, something makes me uneasy about corporate logo tattoos. But I’m glad he had the guts to do something he knew might not be too popular.

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