Mirrors and Chains

Gabrijel Savic Ra (also on MySpace), writes of this performance he did in Belgrade,

In this performance I connected the piercings on my arms to the mirror by chains. I walked first watching my face in the mirror, then turned the mirror to the audience, and at the end I broke the mirror, leaving just few pieces of mirror hanging on the chains down from my arms.

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28 thoughts on “Mirrors and Chains

  1. i like that….its pretty cool…but…um….OW?! it just seems like the piercings would come FLYING out!!!! can anyone help me to understand how the hell they dont?!


  2. skin can withstand immense ammounts of pressure per square inch.

    It’s a beautifully executed piece of performance art. Cleverly done and very well photographed, I love the way the light is relected up into his face from the mirror in the first photo.

  3. I’m interested as to whether there’s a specific meaning behind this..
    I’m lost, personally.

  4. Hmmm…kinda odd. I like art that pushes boundaries creatively but I find this pushes towards a space that’s too scary/dark for me.

  5. You don’t get it? Turning the mirror back on the audience?

    It’s horrible and quintessential bad juvenile art.

  6. Lets have a round of applause for judgmental gentleman in post 6. My I inquire how you came by such an exquisite and well-rounded understanding of (performance) art?

    In reference to the actual piece, congrats on finding a way to combine body modification with more traditional performance pieces.

  7. Lets have a round of applause for the judgmental gentleman in post 6. May I inquire how you came by such an exquisite and well-rounded understanding of (performance) art?

    In reference to the actual piece, congrats on finding a way to combine body modification with more a traditional medium.

    Edited: Spelling & Grammar.

  8. I remember the good old days when it took talent to produce art. Hopefully no one paid to watch this.

  9. Good to know there are at least two extremely successful and talented artists commenting here. Weird how they still sound bitter though.

  10. hmm i’m always wary of preformace art.. there has to be a well thought out and established concept otherwise it quickly moves into the realm of cheeziness or pretention.

    i’d need to know more about his motivations before i could think of this as anything other than angsty

  11. I think all 6 and 9 are saying is that it’s a bit too easy nowadays to do something a bit weird and call it art. I guess 99% of the truly original stuff has been done already so people are kinda scraping the barrel. Personally I don’t think it’s really very clever or profound but obviously he can do what he likes.

  12. @10 Ashplant, you don’t have to be an “extremely successful and talented artists” to know and have an opinion about art, no matter how sarcastically you say it. It really is not an awe inspiring performance.

  13. “Just because something causes you to have a feeling of aesthetic beauty does not make it a work of art.”
    although i personally don’t find even any aesthetic value here…
    people should gain some respect to the word really…

  14. It’s always nice to hear opinions about my work, especially critical ones, that pushes me to examine my work and to go further. I don’t think that it has to be called art, but rather expression of one idea and of course that it’s hard to understand the idea watching just few photos or short video clip and make a objective judgment. Now I will answer to some questions here. To 1. I had great piercing artist so I didn’t hurt myself nor the piercings fly out from my arms. To 3. and 4. Yes there is a meaning of this performance, this piece is dedicated to all war victim’s on Balkan and world wide. Through reflection of the mirror I have confronted myself and audience with possibilities what we have done or what we could do and what we should at the and avoid to become. This is in short explanation, but it’s quite complex idea, because it deals with individual as much as whole mankind. To 9. No one pay to watch this performance. To 13. I love your comment, it made me laugh. To 15. I don’t care about aesthetic, that category died even before structuralism, have a look on some books from post theory and you will find answers, otherwise you will be in circulus virtuosus dealing with questions that are not valid any more. Hope that you have been more or less satisfied with answers, if you have more of them I will be more than happy to answer. Thank you for all the comments, I enjoyed reading them.

  15. Gabrijel, comment 13 is a Simpson’s gag…

    I must agree with 12 and 14.

    I’ll take it one step further. It’s a case of a man breaking a mirror on stage, it means as much as that and no more. It’s as much ‘art’ as a chap pulling a car up a hill by his dick but less impressive.

    I have a Masters Degree from Goldsmiths’ University in the History of Art before I get accused of being some sort of ignoramus.

  16. To 17. I know that comment 13 is a Simson’s gag and I find it even more entertaining in this context. It’s a good thing for you to have Masters Degree from Goldsmiths’ University in the History of Art, I’m proud of you. And the way you articulate your opinion, it’s so art historian :)

  17. what’s up your conceited butt, piqued? because you have a degree means nothing. it’s a piece of paper saying that you completed some classes in a certain field. whoopie!! you can become anything but if you’re not HUMBLE about it then you’re the wrong person to have it and someone who is worth ahving it should have gotten it.
    that said, art is art. there are no standards to what art should look like/mean. it’s HIS art not YOUR art.
    oh yeah, i took an art class when i was 15. so i TOTALLY know what i’m talking about.

  18. I have an MA, Eva.

    No, art is not art. Art isn’t subjective, you can’t just throw up on a pavement (read sidewalk) and call it art

    I’ll agree there is such a thing as ‘bad art’, but this doesn’t even qualify as that as it isn’t art in the first instance

    Calm down for heaven’s sake, you’ve upset yourself to the point of barely making sense

  19. says who? if people can paint a huge circle on canvas and sell it for thousands of dollars because it is called ”art”, i don’t see why his work or anyone else’s can’t be called art either. i don’t know you so i don’t know where you’re coming from with any of what you’re saying really, but judging from the writing in your ”blog” or whatever you get offended by anyone who will quesiotn you. oh and, anyone who’s fat and rude? do what you need to do and don’t look at other people and say you don’t like them. you need a hug, and AA.
    that is all.

  20. Eva

    I’ll ignore the comment about the a circle in a canvas going for thousands of pounds etc., you sound like a luddite in The Met staring at a Rothko saying a six year old could’ve done that…

    However, I can’t ignore some comments in the last 2 posts where you accuse me of being conceited after I’ve voiced an opinion (I didn’t personally attack you or Gabrijel) subject to me sarcasm and then, ironically, accuse me of being judgemental after you’ve read my blog without having any knowledge of its creation or circumstance, before going on to suggest I’m some sort of emotionally retarded alcoholic.

    Piqued is a character based on reality, hyperbole is employed for the sake of effect and where truth and fiction converge is subject to my will. I certainly don’t expect to be judged as a person by it.

    Bit like fat old ladies taking a dislike to me after spotting a tattoo on my arm…

  21. Dear Eva, thank you not for standing on my side but because of your common sense concerning today’s art praxis (it would be great reword to art world to have more people like you). Dear Piqued, I value your opinion, but I don’t find it quite open-minded, it seems that if you have lived during sixties and seventies you would attack all new media artist at that time and further more without good explanation. I’m jus curious about your opinion on the works of Marina Abramovic, Gina Pane, Vienna Actionists, Joseph Beuys, Stelarc, Orlan, Franko B, Ron Athey, Fakir Musafar. Do you think that it’s not art or if so what is it, because you can find them in all books of contemporary art (is that a mistake on your opinion). And I agree when you say that art is not subjective, but I have exhibited and performed around the world, basically you would say that all the curators that exhibited my work are wrong and you are right. Think again about your own subjectivity. And don’t get me wrong I’m not attacking you as a person (I don’t know you), but from what you wrote until now you are lousy art historian and that MA doesn’t help you at all.

  22. I know Franko B personally, Gabrijel.

    You value the opinion of a ‘lousy art historian’, how does that work? Incidentally, apart from criticising your performance, I’ve not exercised any specific opinion as an art historian. Bit judgemental?

    You need to learn how to posit a coherent argument and use spell check.

  23. Good for you that you know Franko B personally, you may learn something from him. But if you didn’t criticize my performance as an art historian, than why do you even mentioning MA in art history. You are right; I take back what I said in my last comment. To value somebody’s opinion, you need to recognize something as an opinion and everything that you said is so far away from opinion (I define opinion as a product of thinking). From the other side my work is for the people who will go a little bit under the surface, it’s not for shallow people. To conclude this useless correspondence: you go and criticize everything and be great MA Art Historian, from the other side I will keep on doing what I want to do.

  24. I explained why I mentioned the MA in comment 17; it’s a question of literally qualifying a comment.

    Either way, good luck.

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