Russian Punch*

Zhilenkov has his septum punched (at 8mm/0ga) by Vlad, somewhere in Russia.

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*Not to be confused with a Glasgow kiss.

38 thoughts on “Russian Punch*

  1. Such a handsome boy! Why would he do such a thing to himself?
    *kidding* I wish my Husband had such an easy time with his septum, it was pierced crooked first time because of his deviated septum (we didn’t know!) and he had to let it heal and do it again. Well worth it though, he’s managed to keep it even at work. Hell, it’s almost a form of ID for him in our small town. :)

  2. He didn’t even wince!!

    Good for him.

    Having my septum punched at that size was the worst experience ever for me.

  3. Wow, got to agree with all those who are impressed how he reacted (or didn’t, I guess). I’ve heard so many horror stories about unbelievable pain with septums, and he just looks so…chill. Nice.

  4. 2 mariess
    Agry with your friend. dick pierce(PA) and stretching it are less painful than septum. But donnow about punching…

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