29 thoughts on “Negative Space Snowflake

  1. I love the aum tattoo on the fourth page – I have an aum, but it’s very traditional. I love it, but it’s neat seeing a very artisitic take on the symbol.

  2. In response to post 6- I thought that at first glance too but I think its meant to give it some perspective, as if you were viewing the snowflake from a slight angle, rather than straight on. Gives it a nice feel, rather than it just being flat, something I was trying to acheive in designing my next tattoo… something that I failed at.

  3. I love how many french artists have such unique styles. Lucky I live near, and might go and get tattooed later on by one of them (if I decide getting some modern design) :>.

  4. In response to number 11, he just draws on you and then tattoos over it all. So there are not any stencils to get get annoyed with. He is nicknamed the butcher for a reason though. He goes over the lines many times.

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