28 thoughts on “Box Canyon

  1. Hey, if I can touch them they’re real #4. But yeah, great work, I’m guessing all 3 are microdermals. It’d be kinda rough to do a bar and a micro in that specific placement. And I too was hoping for a full frontal zoom in. Shows you how my life is going 🙁

  2. @noah: yah, all the more reason to get an IAM account. there are definitely full front pics on her IAM page. you can lurk to your hearts content

  3. It’s funny how people judge because she may or may not have breast implants. Isn’t that just another form of body modification? Just because it’s done by a doctor doesn’t make it any less.

  4. she must have super woman breasts then. i’ve never seen a pair sit so perky when a woman lies down..but regardless,they look great and the microderamls are sexy 😛

  5. as far as i can tell they are def fake. it’s not necessarily a bad thing, so don’t ark up about it. i don’t go for it at all, but if it is just another form of “body mod” as you say then be proud and don’t try and lie about it. every pic that gets posted here there are people who like the mod and others that don’t. if you wanted it then good for you for going ahead with it.

  6. If you look closely, you can kinda see lines from the bra under the shirt. And I can assure you, i’ve seen plenty of bras make natural biggies look pretty perky.
    Schlake doesn’t take the most professional looking photos but he definitely has an interesting collection so far.

  7. This is surreal… I’ve been photographed by the same guy at the same location… and pierced/scarred/suspended by stainless. Small, small world.

  8. they dont look fake, its a bra mann
    you can see where boobage ends and bra begins
    boob noobs.

    ps, nicee

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