50 thoughts on ““At the messy beach”

  1. Oh god I would never let that mess near my naked vagina!

    I thought exactly the same thing! It’s like a giant vat of microorganism soup. 🙁

    I certainly like her lobes, they have a wonderful shape.

  2. Ditto to #2, 7, and 10. But aside from that, it looks like fun, she’s really gorgeous, and I like what I can see of her half-sleeve.

  3. #2, So you think a bathing suit would protect your bits from the elements? Same for #10′s “microorganism”s?

  4. It looks more like clay than sand, which wouldn’t be as bad. And, she wouldn’t have the problem of having sand stuck in her bathing suit chafing her bits for hours.

  5. beautiful mods, nice picture…but that’s less of a beach and more of a cess-pool. my mind keeps running over possible bacteria and such ickyness…

  6. RSNGSTR. If you have never had sand in your vagggg, you should maybe try it because it sucks. And, yes, wearing a bathing suit does keep a hell of a lot of sand OUT of your vag. I’ve done photoshoots on beaches and gotten a whole vag full of grainy sand and it sucks to hell. This does look like clay mud and not sand though. And I’d roll around in it any day.

    I saw this photo in an update and knew it would be on modblog. Love you Shannon, you’re so easy to predict 🙂

  7. I just read the comment above mine and I guess everyone is going to feel differently, but I’ve been to nude beaches and I own a vagina … Sand didn’t bother me, it’s not like I shovel it in there.

  8. It makes me giggle that my first thought was, “Oh, she’s an amputee!” before I looked twice. I spend way too much time here.

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