52 thoughts on “Guanacaste Plugs

  1. He’s a total dreamboat. *drools* But i, too, am curious about what’s going on on his upper lip.

  2. It’s a shadow on the upper lip. There’s a light on right and one other on left, but no light in face of him…

    That’s a curious kind of lighting and I don’t like it at all…

  3. yeah, the photographer did a goob job with completely fucking with us. i’m still not sure what’s going on with his forehead. i thought it was a strip of hair for a second, than a tattoo/make-up, then a shadow.

  4. it looks like there’s googley eyes on his lip studs. I’m not sure if it’s another shadow trick cause this is kinda strange lighting but if it is sweet 🙂 and if not then someone oughta make those

  5. How the fuck could he say he isn’t attractive. Than is one fine beast, right there… I’m not sure that anyone could disagree.

  6. Cor blimey. He is quite gorgeous.
    Though the lighting is a bit fucked on this picture…I am quite confused by the upper lip/forehead also.
    The haircut is delicious.
    The lobes are better.
    Eyes are stunning.

  7. #19 me too – I think it’s the dark amber tone to his eyes in addition to the facial hair. LOVE the eyes, wow. Oh and the plugs are really cool.

  8. hahaha people’s comments crack me up. You know I read this study about facial features and it said that the deeper your philtrum the more likely people will find you attractive. one good example is angelina jolie. everyone thinks that chick is hot and she has a super deep one.

  9. as nice as the haircut is lol his eyes are lovely, as are the plugs, his piercings all suit him really well

  10. we’re septum jewelry twins! 🙂 And those are some fine looking lobes.

    And hey, to go with the trend, look at the EYES on that one!

  11. I personally like the photo very well…although the eyebrows and shadow give off this look of having a bit of hypertrichosis.

    Especially when you are looking at the image for a distance and not right up on it lol

  12. ow ow Vern’s a hawtie. hahaha, tell taylor to get a reflector. your hair looks incredible as well as your plugs

  13. Photographer’s lighting is fine IMO, shadows make the picture interesting.
    Very pretty man!
    (I ‘would’ 🙂 )

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