24 thoughts on “More fun in Albuquerque

  1. I’m just glad the guys not pulling with a hook through his balls. And I still think the girl wins in the end.

  2. I want her fishnets!

    …I actually didn’t notice the whole “pubic pull, omg this is something risque” untill a few minutes after seeing it

    I guess I really like fishnets

  3. Is it just me or are pulling and suspending becoming a lot more popular. I’ve always been interested in them, have never done either and don’t think I will, but ised to feel like a creepshow voyeur looking for pictures, now I just go online and don’t even have to look around. Maybe its just the boom in digital, but I think this stuff is becoming much less “underground” not that it’s a bad thing necessarily, just observing. I suppose that’s the natural cycle of things anyway.

  4. Also, before any of you sensitive modbloggers jump on my nuts over it, “creepshow” is a term I regularly use to refer to myself when I’m being creepy… I don’t think people who suspend or pull are part of some creepshow, of course

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