26 thoughts on “Arm Corset in Progress

  1. That will look awesome even if(when) they migrate out. They’ll leave some interesting scars.

  2. i have one forearm microdermal and it gets caught on something at least once a day and i yell out a curse word. i can’t imagine how often this chick is gonna get that shit caught with that many of them. they do look pretty flat so hopefully they will stay that way. good luck!

  3. That’s my arm. 🙂

    We’ve done the other side now. Just waiting for some healing and we’ll swap all the ends for rings and lace it together.

    They actually don’t get snagged often, I have had two or three swear moments but nothing that has actually done damage.

    The scars are from a decade or so of self harm, if this project leaves scars I won’t be concerned. The idea was to do the corset to cover the scars, turning something ugly into something beautiful.

    This whole project was also done as a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see the process of Punch & Taper Surface Piercing. We decided to use an arm so I could watch. Hugh came up with the corset idea. I had the first row of seven done in two sittings on one day and the second row done in one sitting about 4 weeks later.

    One way or another, I learned a lot from this. I’ve now seen the process up close 14 times, it was really fascinating.

  4. I think it looks pretty cool with just the one side done personally 😉 But I bet it’ll look awesome when it’s finished.

  5. #10: as someone with self harm scars too, i think this is a wonderful thing to incorporate into those scars. i really look forward to seeing the final product!

  6. Kind of like playing Quake,and getting shot for real with the Nail Gun!

    (Quake – old first-person shooter game for the PC)

  7. Very nice. Definitely want to see the finished project.
    As an aside, take some notes kids. This is what surface piercings should look like, not red, angry and rejecting pieces of shit.

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