8 thoughts on “Shot in the belly!

  1. Bet that was tricky to install, the tissue there is really strangely elastic some times!

    At first I thought it was going to be a horror “piercer used a 10mm bar in a 20mm anti-navel piercing” picture or something.

    Keep the interesting microdermal placements coming guys, especially healed pics.

  2. I had a similar pair of microdermals done beneath my navel a few months ago actually. One rejected twice, so I think I’ll be trying it a little differently next time, but the other settled in really well and I’ve had minimal trouble with it, though they do tend to get angry if you knock them around even a little.

    Either way, best of luck with this one!

  3. I’m just waiting until these little guys get popular enough that really bad shops are doing them on really stupid people. the flood of “disaster” pictures is going the be…well, certainly sad. but also kind of hilarious, because 90% of the time it’s your own stupid fault.

    I mean….i feel bad for the people with the disasters. but i also feel like they kind of brought it on themselves.

    that said…my favorite piercer has recently started offering them, and i’m sorely tempted.

  4. cant believe my pics on here! it did hurt a bit when being done but it only stayed pink for a while, its been no bother at all, i would recomend to any one, put it this way i had that put in an my friend had her’s pierced and she couldn’t sleep on hers for a few nights an i could!
    mark was nice, very professional.

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