51 thoughts on “9mm Conch Punches

  1. Looks really even, nice work.

    That angle really makes them look huge, I’m guessing theres no jewellery in there for the photos.

    Oh my, is that a mullet too?

  2. Has he thought about how that is going look when he’s older?
    What must people say to him in the street?
    How will he explain that to his grandchildren?
    Will he ever be able to get a job?

    That is one bad mullet.

    Nice ears though.

  3. rafas, you are the people that take the joy out of our mods!

    stop being his mother and give the boy some lovin for this top notch modification! Love it!

  4. #7: Are you asking how he is going to explain to his grandchildren why he had his conches punched or explain why he had a mullet?

    I have both my conches surgically removed and I have a job just fine. I also have a mohawk, but I don’t think mine looks quite like a mullet when its down.

  5. #7 – if we all thought like that none of us would get any mods to enjoy! he’s probably gone through a considerable amount of pain to do what he wanted to do to his body so kudos to him.

  6. I have an 8mm conch punch and work in the public eye a lot of the time. It hasn’t affected anything to do with my working life, nor have my various other visible piercings.

    And with regards the grandchildren thing…I’m gonna tell mine I was shot through the ear for loving mullets.

  7. Ahahahahah, good call Oncemore!

    I would rather be an old ass man with some loopy ears (or mods in general) and have stories to tell, than be an old ass man that has spent his whole life judging people for their original decisions and never being able to make any themselves.

    Just my 2c.

  8. If you re-read rafas beard’s posting with an eye towards irony — paying close attention to the interplay between the last two lines — I think you will find it amusing.

  9. I think Bobby’s right about #7.

    In other news, those look so painful/awesome…I want to have them, but not to get them done.

    14g. conch piercings hurt well enuff.

  10. Yes, Rafas was referring to the haircut in his comment.
    You can’t take everything so seriously all the time.

    The last two lines gave it away

  11. that is the reason i want my inner counch punched…looks nice and clean plus you get a free hawk with every new pair…..

  12. #7 was obviously playing around. I sense he has no disdain for the modifications. The “mullet”, maybe. :-p

    This has to be one of my favorite pictures.
    The ears give off this aesthetic. And mohawks that haven’t been put up are the cutest things ever.

  13. A mowhawk mullet is blatantly a mohullet as No25 says.

    I wasn’t going to respond but the absolute idiosity of 8, 11, and 13 have forced me into it. 8 gives me the impression that he thinks I have no mods with his “our mods comment”. Sorry sunshine, but I have over 30 hours custom tattoo work and 13 piercings, current tattoo work being a huge rib piece which is far from painless (number 11), and to number 13, aren’t you judging me? from something you’ve misinterpreted?

    I heard of a couple of new body mods which you might be interested in…
    1). Glasses stapled to your face to enable you to read properly
    2). A tube drilled into the brain to allow the draining of that excess of self righteous bile which is clearly affecting your thought process.

    In short…

    Ears – Good
    Hair – Bad
    People who can’t read – Cretins

    I may well have done my argument damage with my own levels of bile but it had to be said.

    That is all.

  14. Hasn’t anyone ever seen a mohawk that isn’t up before??? I don’t understand why everyone is calling it a mullet or a mullethawk….

  15. snorts. well i thought rafas beard’s #7 comment was funny. and i’ve always called them mullhawks myself, but what do i know

  16. rafas beard: I actually was not judging you, I was making a very broad comment on why I personally am not concerned with ‘growing old’ with my mods and I was agreeing with #12′s statement.

    I had a sense that you were being ironic in your first comment and I don’t believe that I made any statement judging you. In fact I commented (in a similar satire) asking if you meant his grandkids would ask about his hair.

    I guess this is what happens when you comment at 2am after a couple beers. lol.

    Long story short, I can’t read – bad ass conches.

  17. I LOVE the symmetry of these!! If I had my ears like that, I would put a ring through both of the holes and make it an orbital — these rock^^

  18. So it looks like nobody noticed that #7 was making a joke using the typical things negatively said about mods, but referring to his “mullet.”

  19. I had my conches punched at 9mm but I had a jewlery mishap and they had to be removed, back up to 4ga now and hopefully back to where this guy is! I love how you can see through.

  20. Rafas, I think this community is so much on the offensive at the moment because of all the assholes that some people don’t slow down and read and think about the comments that are made. I have to admit for a moment I missed the humour of your post because I assumed – quite wrongly – that is was just another narrow minded bigot jumping to insult someone. I think you proved something quite important through the responses you got there. The majority of the comments had f*** all to do with the mods!

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