Beautiful Shrapnel Injuries

Miss Kaydee Plastik has loads of lip and cheek piercings, done by Al at Steve’s Tattoos in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.

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204 thoughts on “Beautiful Shrapnel Injuries

  1. Also, it’s cool to see her on modblog, I’ve seen her pics added to bme’s piercing galleries. They are always an eyecatcher!

  2. I’m the one who sees this as too much. But then, I’ve always been a ‘less is more’ type.

  3. Im gonig to have to agree with Dungbeetle,however I am the same I personaly see my piercing as an accent and the ones I will be getting wont be near it.

  4. Kudos to her for doing what she likes. Not being a piercings person, this completely escapes me – if it were me I’d go mental having lots of bumps on my face (but then I’m a bit mental to begin with.)
    I agree with Jessica, that it’s rare to see so many piercings so prominently displayed on a girl, I wonder if it’s because facial piercings are seen as quite an aggressive statement?
    It would be an interesting thing to study from an anthropological perspective – perceived reasons Vs actual reasons for such prominent piercings….Are they a statement? A mask? An expression of self? Something to piss people off? Or (I hate to use it because my parents told me this) a phase?
    I hope she gets maximum enjoyment out of them, the upkeep of so many piercings (I counted 23…probably got it wrong) must be quite a task…
    I’ve just realised I’ve written an absolute essay..ahem…going now *shuffles back to the corner*

  5. Wow, people are way too critical. If you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all. I’m sure she’s really happy with the way she looks, and that’s all that matters – it’s her body and her choice. Body modification is about freedom of expression, so why would you judge the way someone has modified themselves and call it ugly? If you don’t like the look of so many piercings, don’t get them. pretty simple. but people like to criticize and judge, I guess.

  6. most deffinatley not a fan. it was actually the three bridge piercings and eyeliner that got me the most though. if shes happy with it though..

  7. I agree with 14 – strange angle. need big pictures of a front face for a decent opinion!
    From what I can see they arent really my cup of tea (the tattoos are really cute though), but really… wtf some people?
    why be so pointlessly nasty?! Jealousy I guess. Bet theyd love to do something they want not caring of what people thinks. Get a life!

    ps. all my friends are saying not to get any more facial piercings as its too much – and i have one nostril stud! hahaha. (i only havent cause i need a job that allows it first)

  8. As a flutist, I could never have a single labret, let alone this many, but it suits her. I’m a fan, and agree it’s nice to see more girls with multiple facial piercings like this.

  9. Woah! thanks for the stupid opinions of some of you guys. I like my piercings.. andd believe it or not im getting more.

    This is meant to be a website for body mod! i cant believe half of you judge the way i look so much!

    I love the way my piercings look.

    And thanks to the people with nice things to say! :)

    Much apprechiated! :D


  10. burberry – ive written a few papers on women and body modification for women a gender courses i take in school and it is incredibly interesting, in my opinion… theres also a wonderfully written book, in the skin by victoria pitts that you should check out – a few iam members are in it as well. i enjoyed it more than most other books i found on the topic.

  11. I don’t think I could deal with that many myself, shaving around cheek piercings is bad enough, but they look pretty good on her. Love the hair colour!

  12. I used to have the same hair color! The piercings are an interesting aesthetic I think. I am undecided. Either way I like how hard and obvious they all are. I wonder if it affects her speech?

  13. My speech is pretty normal thanks :)

    Surprising but true!

    I wont be saying that after the weekend though.. haha.

  14. Does anybody else wonder if they’re symmetrical? I personally like asymmetry in my paltry few facial piercings (I guess it’s singular now, sadface), but with that many I feel like symmetry is necessary or else it looks too chaotic.

    I too would like to see a straight-on shot, just so I can count them and admire her face. I also wonder what they look like without jewelry in, and what the timeline looks like for her getting them done. How short a span can you do this many piercings in?

    Basically, I want an interview / conversation with her.

  15. hey melissa, comment back and il give you my email address :) Just incase your still viewing the page.

    Kaydee x

  16. This pretty clearly comes across as a shield for insecurity IMO. Insert modblog correct “it’s not my body, she can do whatever she wants” qualification here.

  17. I love piercings but thats a bit much for me. I don’t like when you can’t even see a person’s face through all their piercings.

  18. I count 19? I like these a lot, just not the huge jewelry and bad makeup that I’m sure she looks better without.

  19. Jesus people, everyone has a different taste and a different personal style. This website (and bod mods in general) are all about creativity and expressing yourself, so why put her down just because you dont agree with her piercings? It got her modblogged didnt it? ;)

  20. The only issue I have with this picture is the mascara. I used to have a spider lash problem myself, so I can feel the pain. BUT, I bought some of that mascara Queen Latifah endorses and that solved everything. Quality makeup is important.

  21. Wow, I’m not a fan of tons of facial piercings, but this girl has a gorgeous face underneath them all (and underneath the sloppy makeup). I’m quite jealous that she looks great with that bright pink hair, too. That color looked horrible on me.

    Also I want her sweater.

  22. People should stop bitching about the “negativity” in the comment section, I count literally not a single one that says anything besides “Eh, not my style, but whatever”.

    And last time I checked, we’re all entitled to our own opinions anyway, just because its someone else’s choice doesn’t mean it isn’t open to criticism, not that anyone has criticized anyone here.

    Nobody has said THIS IS SICK, SHES UGLY! or something…

    The most critical anyone has gotten is that her makeup looks bad, which it does.

    If she’s happy with her piercings, who cares what anyone else says? Negative comments are just as valuable as positive ones, just for completely different reasons. Shannon himself has said a lot about how he only censors first comments that are negative. Its not as though anyone is raiding this and saying that because she has a lot of facial piercings, shes gross.

    Just that its not a lot of people’s style, and uhm, thats fine.

    She’s assuredly happy with it, and I’m sure if she read these comments, she wouldn’t be offended?

  23. i think that all the facial piercings are too much as well. and as for all the people who are saying “thats sooooo meeean”… its not like you getting any facial piercings expecting everybody to like them, especially not that many. i have my labret and my septumn and i love them, but when i got them i knew id be judged. its just part of it. im sure she doesnt care what any of us say.

  24. I wonder what it would be like to kiss her. I’ve never kissed anyone with lip piercings or ones close to the lips.
    Very unique look. :)

  25. I think she looks absolutely beautiful and if there were fewer judgmental people in this world, I’m sure more girls would wear this much metal exposed on their face and not just covered up under clothes.

  26. lol.I sat here for literally 5 minutes trying to count her piercings. 1,2,3,4,5, wait, that’s a cbr..6,7,,wait..

    I really love this for some reason. These piercings really suit her, I’m not sure that it’s for me but they look nice on her and she seems to be happy.And that’s the main reason we modify our bodies, right?

  27. I think she looks adorable. Granted, it’s alot of metal and personally would not have anymore than I already have. But afterall this is a mods website, difference is welcomed here… so i thought.
    I go by “if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything”.

    Good on her, she’s happy, leave her alone. No need to pick at things like makeup, as its’ her mods she’s showing off. she may not care what others say, but still.. no need to be horrible.

  28. I actually appreciate that she’s taken (or appears to have taken) time into planning out a particular portion of her body that she wanted to emphasize, and then carried out that wish full-throttle. I just wonder about the amount of damage, if any, being done to her teeth and gums, especially with multiple balls possibly striking each other or the same spot?
    Her eyes are striking …

  29. I think it looks AWESOME. I’m thrilled to see more women doing heavy duty facial piercing because it’s all too often limited to guys. I can’t wait to see her with more.

    *I* like it a lot.

  30. …because apparently this is a MySpace fashion show.

    While it is not my aesthetic, I can appreciate the dedication to follow-through.

    (Though I admit I giggled a little at “robot herp”.)

  31. Overkill. I think it would look so much better if she went for smaller gauged rings around her mouth. The Cheek piercings look great, but the metal is just too heavy in my opinion. Smaller gauges would look nice.

  32. wow that looks crazy…in a good way. i wonder what it feels to kiss her and wonder if it feels different for her. im sure that would turn a lot of people on, to feel all that metal.

  33. I like it when people say, “this is modblog, it’s a place for free expression, so if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” :D And I agree with #48, not a single person on here has said it’s ugly, just “I’m not into it, but if she likes it, good for her.”

  34. Dungbeetle – Sure, but people who go around saying “I don’t like that” are certainly not the kind of people who I want to spend time with, whether or not they have the right to say it. What’s the point? I don’t care if someone doesn’t like something, and the kind of people who feel the need to broadcast their constant personal distaste for stuff are pretty unpleasant folks in my opinion…

  35. Major kudos to her to being able to heal all that! Aside from my lip piercings I’ve only had one monroe, and I had problems with it on and off for a good 3 years before it finally settled down for good… I can’t imagine ever having to deal with that again (& again & again … & again), nor dealing with more than one at a time.
    Perhaps I just don’t have much luck with piercings, though.

  36. classic fat girl angle? RUDE MUCH?

    I don’t really like this many, but hell, more power to her. If she likes it, that’s all that matters.

  37. i love this! i’m a suckers for heavy facial metal! especially on girls! i’d love to see a full on face picture!!!!!

  38. Well, it seems that there are many people who can’t give up expressing their negative point of view. One of the wonderful things of this site is that we can appreciate what others have done to aesthetically / functionally modify their bodies, so, if this is done through collaboration, then why complain and criticize someone who has taken the hassle to contribute to the site?
    Personally, I really admire Miss-kaydeePlastik, for being so determinate to defend her piercings and modify herself, besides, I find her outstandignly beautiful. It’s just a matter of perception, just love how she looks :)

  39. I cant get over the huge rings dangling from her upper lip.. that must be so uncomfortable and inconvenient.

  40. I personally think its gorgeous… its her own unique style and from what I can see, it suits her.

    Not many girls can pull it off…

  41. I’ve been sitting here a couple of minutes, staring at the screen and trying to come up with a more eloquent way of saying ‘I like it’ than I already have. Guess my brain is dead tonight. But I do really quite like it. It looks beautiful and striking on her, in my opinion anyway. I wouldn’t do it myself – in my current headspace, anyway, saying nothing about the future – but I adore it on her.

    I used to have that hair colour too – it drew a hell of a lot of comments (mainly to do with not being able to lose me in a crowd). I wonder if the hair or the piercings get more comments, in the normal run of a day? Normally, I’d say that it was no contest, but maybe people find it easier to comment on a bright colour than ‘my, that’s a lot of metal in your face!’

    I must be less girly than my gender implies, because I didn’t even notice the make-up.

  42. beautiful, i love the piercings and the hair (is brightly coloured hair body modification..? it seems so to me). Not so sure about the tattoos but I like the heavy eyeliner as well. Strikes me the silver rings and pink hair go well with her skin tone.

  43. I am always shocked at anyone who is a big enough ass to leave a negative comment. Really you are an ass!

    I would never want to do what many people choose to do but that does not make it wrong, ugly, weird etc.

    I want to put a webcam on the lives of anyone here who leaves a negative comment and I would ALWAYS find something you do that most people would think was wrong, ugly, weird etc.

    Do you have the freedom to post your negative opinion…ABSOLUTLY…does that mean it is a respectful thing to do…NO. You would be hurt if people said to you what you said about other people’s mods. Don’t try to tell me otherwise…we are all human.

    What is the point of your negative opinion? Please tell me what is it going to accomplish? This is one human being who decides to do what she wanted…how does this affect you?

    I really want to know…what good is your negativity going to do? Who cares if it is not for you? Look at the pic…if you like it, make a comment…if you don’t move on.

    “If people like their mods they won’t be hurt by my dumbass comment.” Then what is the point of your dumbass comment? You are only leaving a negative comment because you think your comment is important…but really who are you?

    Sorry, your negative comments serve no good so what is the point? Crawl back in your negative unhappy life…jerk-off…and keep telling yourself you know what is right and what is not…

  44. With so many lip piercings, I wonder how she eats anything that might be a bit messy or sticky without getting bits stuck in all the nooks and crannies. I know I’d be too damn lazy to take care of that many piercings in such a high-maintenance area. Good for her though, and her dedication to her piercings.

  45. lol woah! what a range of comments/opinions.

    Alex i use Stargazer shocking pink hairdye :)

    As for which gets me the ‘attention’ [rarely ever good attention either!] the hair gets them looking… and the piercings get them staring.

    I dont have piercings to hide behind them. or to give me more confidence, or be rebelious, i have them because i like them, and its something i like to do! yeah its addicting but when these piercings are on my face, you dont really notice them because they become a part of you. as stupid as it sounds.

    For everyone who doesnt like them, Hey thats fair enough, im not gunna sit here and have a rant over it. my mods are for me, its not like im expecting you to wear them!

    but yeah the nice comments are awesome! :D

    Anyway thats all for now!

    if you do wanna add my myspace its

    if you wanna ask direct questions – email me!


    Miss-kaydeeplastik x

  46. you look like that bird who i chat to on the net everynight. y’kno the cute on whos always stoned hee hee

  47. I love love love it! It looks like she was born to have hot pink hair and pleanty of mouth metal!

    On a side note, the only facial piercing I have is a septum (my ears are pretty loaded though) and I had a kid comment today that “you have a lot of holes in your head”

    maybe I should print a pic of this lovely lady and show him…heehee

  48. haha only one of my piercings do! thats my smilie piercing, but you learn to go around it lol and it makes oral sex wayy better for the reciever… aparently :P

    Hope that helps hehe! x

  49. Woo it’s Kaydee, I always love seeing your photos on the site.
    It’d be too much on me, but you look fantastic.
    I think it suits the personality that I see in you.
    Sweet hair colour too

  50. only thing I can think of is at least she’s not wearing a shitload of acrylic ends on her jewelry.. I’m not particularly fond of the look myself, but to each his own.
    I wonder what her lips look like..

  51. hehe thankyouuuu! getting some more mods for my birthday. =] tongue next monday, n my chest piece extended!

    As for my lips… lol they arent to special…

    I So dislike acrylic.

  52. Beautiful! Kudos to you for having the mods you want and ignoring what everyone else says. =) “Fat-girl angle” or not, I think you’re positively stunning.

  53. she’s cute,but I hope she never has to go through an airport metal detector – she’ll be there all night removing that stuff!

  54. i like how this struck up more of a conversation/debate then the guy hanging by his nuts hahaha(not that i have anything against that i found it facinating as i find this, my only observation is the eye liner but hey what evs who the fuck cares that much)

  55. >>I don’t care if someone doesn’t like something, and the kind of people who feel the need to broadcast their constant personal distaste for stuff are pretty unpleasant folks in my opinion

    Does that include broadcasting distate towards graveyards and burying dead relatives ?

    I think she looks fantastic, especially on her IAM page. Plus she’s from the UK so extra kudos.

  56. I think they’re beautiful!. It’d be way too much on me (I’m just a mousy little girl XD) but on you they’re positively stunning. I also love your hair!

  57. I like it. Theres not a lot of people that can carry that many piercings off, and she can, no problem.
    Plus her hair colour is awesome.

  58. The piercings will no doubt draw a lot of attention, and I must say I would like to see what it looks like when she talks, eats and laughs… I wonder what the touch feels like… It’s what people do what makes them so intersting and unique!

  59. Honestly, the first thing I noticed was her beautiful eyes.. okay eye.. the color is awesome! And, at the risk of being cliche.. all I can say is ‘You go girl!’

    And yeah, the whole ‘fat chick angle’ thing is pretty shitty in my opinion. Grow. Up.

  60. and exactly what is wrong with being a ‘fat girl’ even if she is?? Your acceptance of society’s differences with regards to body mods obviously doesnt extend into being accepting of different body sizes… yay for immature fat comments.

    I think this photo is beautiful and so is Miss Kaydee and I think she is great for making her own choices to take facial peircings this far. xx

  61. Sorry but this looks bloody awful! Just looks like a complete mess and that no thought has gone into it at all!

  62. She’s very pretty. =) I think I’ve seen her on modblog before, too. Also, kudos to Shannon for the shrapnel reference.

  63. Most people’s makeup looks bad that close under flash.

    My son just said he likes her “polka-dotted face”.
    I like them, but I would like to see what her skin looks like looks like when they’re all out.

  64. I Wish I Were A Dragon… is right, there is this girl plus two others that have almost as many piercings, also quite few heavily pierced guys, me being one of them kinda i guess

  65. Okay, I doubt she’s fat. She looks like she has curves, but that’s quite different from being fat.

    Anyways, in my OPINION I think that it’s too much. As someone else previously stated, I believe piercings are supposed to complement your best features. I think that it’d look less crowded and actually cool if she had small labrets in all her piercings. That I would love to see and I believe actually might help. Otherwise it looks too crowded.

  66. I dont usually like the way this many piercings look on anyone but she really rocks it and on her they look great.- As far as the angles go… well she knows what works for her- No one is going to usually purposly take a bad picture if they can help it… or like many others they will waste film and money taking a million pics until they find a decent one(like me) :)

  67. Well I would like to kiss her right on her metaly face! I am now going to check out her profile and maybe touch myself inappropriately whilst looking at her photos! yep yep.

  68. Good for you having the guts to wear all the piercings you want. I have only 3 lip piercings and get shitloads of comments about “omg too much!” I do like all the plain metal, too much acrylic or colour can make a mess of that much jewelry. It may not be your personal style, but it’s tastefully done.

  69. hey i just checked out your iam, your beautiful! :) dont let anyone tell you they’re to much, because im still determind to get more.

    i used to wear colour when i had less.

    but now i have more i want it all to go together nicely. :)

  70. I like shiny things and pretty faces, so consider me a huge fan! If you check her page, you can also see how nicely it all comes together. It’s very well planned out Kaydee, you should be very proud :)

  71. Kaydee – I’m sorry if my comment sounded a little harsh, bnI completely understand what you mean when you say that you sort of forget you have the piercings and they become a part of you, because its’ the same way for me. When I got my lip pierced, I was surprised at how much more confident I was because I no longer felt naked. Not to say that I hide behind my piercings, but like the modblog slogan – I never wanted to be different, I just wanted to be myself. You wear your piercings well, and you’re quite attractive. :)

  72. Not my style, but I’m pretty minimalist myself. Or at least more so. But hey, if it floats her boat – go ahead! Strange camera angle though, which I think has already been said…

  73. the only things I don’t really like are the bridges, just because they look so crowded…maybe the angle makes them look closer together than they really are, though.

    I agree with the people who would like to see some different jewelry, too. The cheeks and monroes I think would still go with everything if they were maybe small matching gem-set something-or-others?

    Overall though, beautiful girl, I wish I had enough confidence to get all the facial piercings I’ve fancied! All her different stuff really suits her and like someone else said it seems like she was born to have them…

  74. I love her hair and the star tattoos.

    I find the wisdom of my mother comes to mind here. ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’. Yeah, if you don’t like something in the photo either say something positive about something you do like, or just don’t post. Putting another person down is nasty, cruel and plain immature.

  75. I think it’s great to see a women with heavier facial piercings because it does seem to be mostly men that I see with this many. Personally *I* wouldn’t want this many but in *my* opinion she looks great and I see no reason why someone should have as many as a few piercings as they wish.

    P.S. way jealous of the hair! Love it!

  76. hehe apology accepted nicole lol, so i see loadsa people say smaller jewellery – i like the big jewellery… im not downsizing my piercings, because they were pierced that size n i pretty much like it.

    [and im sure it wouldnt make a difference! if i made the jwellery smaller i would have room for tons more!]

    thanks for all the opinions n stuff :)

    Kaydeeplastik x

  77. Yeh, i was talking about Amy and Emily actually :) then there is Karl, he has loads too, when i think about it Ipswich is actually loaded with pierced people

  78. hehe kneww it.
    your right, theres also a girl called sophie that used to have quite a few, dunno anymore though! but hers were all 1.2′s

    hehe carl and emily are awesome. havent seen them in awhile thoughh.

  79. I dont think i know sophie, doesnt ring any bells anyway :/

    But congrats for making ModBlog, Thats pretty awsome :)

  80. If this was a guy, guaranteed there would be almost none of this bullshit negativity. you people need to check yourselves- she’s beautiful, and obviously pleased with her appearance. power to her for expressing herself despite the ignorant comments she must receive constantly. if people on a bodmod community are this judgmental and assholish, can you imagine the heat from the unmodified? wow, i never realized how many fucktards are members here.

  81. I find her really beautiful and I think her piercings really suit her.
    It’s making me blush thinking about kissing her.
    In the good way.
    *thoroughly embarassed*

  82. lol sophies a member of IAM. and tyy!
    Atleast some of you guyss have nice things to say. its awesome how there are people around with totally open minds!

    thats what this community neeeds.

    hehe 166. Thats adorable, if your ever in town look me up haha.


  83. have you ever put in all studs? i think it would look cute, just like a bunch of silver beauty marks!

  84. i cant even begin to understand why some of you would bash this girl.
    if she didnt like it, she wouldnt do it and chances are, she probably isnt too fond of the way you look.
    you are on a body modification site, if you dont like body mods you should probably go elsewhere and take your idiotic opinins with you.
    ps. i love her pictures.

  85. personally not my thing, i’m really a less-is-more person. but she looks striking and her hair color is, believe me, probably ridiculously hard to maintain (i had pink hair)

  86. oh i forgot to put this… but i think it would look gorgeous if she got tiny diamond studs for all her facial piercings, instead of the large-gauge jewelry. it would look like constellations.

  87. I rarely have anything good to say about any of these people, but this girl can put her metal against my hot-dog anytime! I have 10 facial piercings myself and plan on getting more, her and I should definitely fuck!

  88. I’m not a fan of a lot of piercings concentrated in one area, especially on the face. But, like many others have said, if she likes the way it looks, that’s cool for her.

    Maybe if there weren’t quite as many.

  89. hey kaydee, who’s this amy girl from ippy? i know of sophie and obviously carl and emily, but not heard of this other girl which surprises me as i know nearly everyone in ippy who has lots of piercings and tats!!

    jo xx

  90. amy.. pink hairr… goes to college, does childcare, not very social! lol

    Dunno how else to describe here.. she wears skinny dreads.. black framed glasses…

    Anyway jo how are you honey? :)

  91. oh yea!!! i know the girl your on about…looks like a right dyke and dances like a right fucking weirdo =0P lol

    i’m good thanks hun…go you for getting a piccy here.
    guess who’s gonna be a cover girl for an alternative clothing mag in spring?!!! meeeee lol! aahhh!!


  92. Gorgeous. Wow, there’s a TON of rude comments on here, haha.
    If she likes it, and can take care of that many piercings, kudos to her!
    I have enough trouble cleaning my septum, bridge and 3 lip piercings, hahaha.

    Miss Kaydee, you kick ass. ^-^

  93. ok…so what about eating, drinking and not talking like a retard..? and as for kissing…yeah right.

    way too much ;P

  94. Waaaayyy too much for me, but her hair is adorable.

    People seem to be too sensitive on here; you’re going to get comments that don’t say “omg you’re so cute!”. Deal with it or don’t post the pic to get an possibility to get modblogged.
    If she likes it, run with it.

  95. i give you both thumbs up for all of these. i just can’t imagine it, i have just one lip ring, nose and tounge on my face done. and i dont think i could ever put up with anymore. good for you.

  96. Props to her for looking the way she wants to look,
    And not letting herself confine her image because of people like Ariel….
    I think it’s great to see a woman with that much metal….it need not be confined to us guys!
    To the people who commented on her make-up….did you stop to think that it’s meant to look that way and she can apply properly she just does so in a alternative way?
    Well I think this is great and once again props to her!

  97. oooh #33, I’m confused, are you??
    Either I’ve been having some serious memory lapses, or one of us needs to change our name! (that’d be me, at a guess)
    Wierdly, I used to have pink hair too. How bizarre.

  98. i don’t think it’s to much, but i think the balls are too big.
    witrh smaller balls it would have looked better.
    but, then again, it’s only me thinkig out loud.

  99. eww ugly. that’s way too much.
    looks like bored teen who had been locked in the room with needle and no mirror : <

  100. Stunning! i usually think too many facial piercings look cluttered but she looks a stunner.

  101. Too bad… She looks like she might be pretty hot. Why’d she have to ruin it by shoving bolts through her face?

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