Modified Sex Play

‘N’ has a silicone cock (so that size increase is permanent) and his wife is enjoying a little vacuum pumping (which is of course largely temporary).

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76 thoughts on “Modified Sex Play

  1. Gee. I’m having trouble believing this to be comfortable for both parties. That’s…a lot of silicone.

  2. Hahaha to people who think this is a lot of silicone. Stay in your “little” sheltered worlds and definitely stay away from some of the upcoming BME interviews, because you’ll be VERY freaked out.

  3. wow, the stuff the human body can do is quite extraordinary!

    If thats “little” the upcoming interviews sound like they will be very intense.

  4. Are there any articles around that explain silicone injection? Or saline? I’m more interested in saline injection information.

  5. yea… I’m also wondering what the deal is with the cable tie.

    maybe the silicone is fresh..?

    actually the more i think about it, the more confused I’m getting. is it a liquid/gel type of silicone? how would you do an implant of that shape/nature?

  6. that isn’t a rash its irritation from shaving. I am rarely even a little shocked or surprised when I click through on modblog. The upcoming interviews sounds interesting, thats quite a teaser, Shannon.

  7. I don’t think people are small-minded and sheltered just because that’s more silicone than they’d personally want in their genitals …

  8. Is that hard? It looks kinda floppy. Like hes trying to just stuff it in there.

    I’ll take a skinny dick that doesnt need assistance to get where its going anyday.

    And its really not the size that matters, its how you use it. ;)

  9. @34, Sorry dude. But it’s a combination of both. The size does matter, and it does matter how you use it. A girl cannot get off with a thin and long, or short and fat dick. It requires both so that more pressure can be applied. Like myself. People who claim size doesn’t matter might not always be ilequipped, but it more often than not shows that yes, they do indeed have a smaller than average member. And as for the picture, as long as they both have fun for the rest of their life, more power to them. Couples who can have fun together should always be encourage to do so. CHEERS!

  10. My penis (and scrotum) have once been permanently thickened by injection as well. I used paraffin (stupid idea!) instead of silicone which on the shorter run has the same effect as using silicone. However, the paraffin gave serious health problems after about 1-2 years, looking at the pictures of slicone inflated penises, I suspect that on the longer run larger amounts of silicone may also have some of the adverse effects that I encountered with paraffin.

    My experience:

    Short term: The feeling of a soft thick rubbery outer layer on top of hard erectile tissue as such was wonderful. The feeling of a penis squeezed in my pants and the permanent bulge it created was absolutely exciting. This all makes it addictive, and soon enough I had a few hundred cc injected. HOWEVER, penetration was impossible: way too big. Siiting on a chair was only possible with my legsd spread widely apart and biking was very uncomfortable. Moroever the weight of the whole thing started tearing too much so that I could not stand or walk comfortably for longer that maybe half an hour.

    Longer run (after 1-2 years): Irritations and infections started to develop, producing ulsters that oozed lymph. I had serious health problems (high fevers). Because of that I had no choice of having the whole filled skin surgically removed and replaced by new skin. In total 2 kg of swollen skin was removed. The operation took 6 hours, and it took me months to recover. The new skin is more or less numb.

    My advise: think carefully about the consequences before injecting silicone. If you do it make sure that you’re able to after at most say 10 ml. Sucha smaller amount already gives a nice increase in girth and feels pleasantly, but still allows penetration. DONT GO FOR THE EXTREMES!

  11. looks like anus is used to something even bigger than this “little shelter escaper”
    Shannon, enlighten us WTF is that? I don’t think that penis is even erected …..

  12. As usual, not something i’d do to myself, but it’s good to know that they’re enjoying themselves. :)

  13. “A girl cannot get off with a thin and long, or short and fat dick. It requires both so that more pressure can be applied.”

    I’m a girl, and I can get off (and have gotten off) on both of those combinations you mention. So ner!

  14. Noah: Depends on the girl as well as the guy…

    And I think whatever anyone wants to do with their bodies, that’s fine. As long as he and his partner are both happy and enjoying it, no big deal. It doesn’t shock me or gross me out – hey, I read modblog every day! – just because it’s not what I’m into. I know that there are people who would run a mile from my sexual tastes, so it’s not really anyone else’s place to judge in my opinion.

  15. @43, Unless I am mistaken it sounds like you are referring to a guy who was featured on an episode of “Real Sex” a few years ago. The guy indeed had his wang and scrote pumped with silicone up to near football [american] size.

    Believe it or not he said that his ability to have sex was not reduced by much. Although I would assume that he was referring to overall sexual contact, I don’t recall if he mentioned penetrative sex specifically.

    All that aside though, is that a zip-tie cockring?

  16. I agree with Amber, a short/skinny/whatever dick can still feel great depending on the guy and the position.

  17. Noah, Noah, Noah…

    I am a girl. And from this girl’s point of view… you’re right SIZE DOES MATTER! But I say the smaller the better, and I am 100% serious. But in the long run what really matters the most is the person’s attitude, personality, and mental capabilities. Your attitude of ‘whatever makes them happy’ is a great one to have but your assumptions that a woman must have a large penis to be satisfied leaves much to be desired.

  18. #36, Noah:

    Don’t try to speak on behalf of the entire female population, especially when you’re not a member. It pisses me off no end when men claim to be “experts” in female pleasure. There is SO much more to sexual pleasure than the size of your cock and the way you pump it.

  19. Each to their own! Thay’re obviously having fun, so, whatever’s good for them. I hope he has no long term health problems.

    I am not into that though. It looks like penetration is pretty difficult!

    Ha. I bet he doesn’t wear speedos (tight fitting trunks) when he goes swimming! (And if he does, fair play to him, but I bet he has some interested stares!)

  20. I hope to God that silicone doesn’t seep otherwise he’s going to be permanently hard and not in a good way.
    From experience of a friend cancer is a possible long term effect. Si is a carcinogenic substance, I urge the saline option which can be absorbed without consequence should seepage occur.
    Cable tie??? WTF is that about?

  21. shannon- i can’t wait for these new interviews!! if they are going to be about this stuff keep it coming !! the extreame play interviews are THE BEST!

  22. Ooh I”m so w/ 54 and 55. Plus, I have to mention that a lot of girls *myself included*, just don’t get off from intercourse, from the penis in question, much more about the guy, and whether he knows what he’s doing..And I have to say it’s really silly (I could think of more offensive words) for a guy (unless he’s like a certified sexual/psychological expert) to be making generalizations about what pleasures women overall. Oh well. That just irked me a bit.

    Oh and also, I’d personally rather have a guy who’s average, or on the smaller side of average, since I find it all gets painful/sore v. quickly. (and yes, I know about lube)

  23. He, yes Noah, I am a girl, and honestly, like esmeray said, sometimes the penis doesnt even matter. You can have a weiner the size of an outie belly button, but if you have lips, tongue and fingers, who cares?

    Now, if all those fingers were pumped full of silicone and floppy, I might have an issue… ;P

  24. “A girl cannot get off with a thin and long, or short and fat dick.”

    Yeah, it’s been said before, but I’m pretty sure a girl can get off without any dick at all. Maybe you’re not doing it right…

  25. Um, can we lay off the nasty comments about this particular lady’s genitalia?
    Think before you type people, how would you like to log on and read “Ew, yuck, I wouldn’t touch her girly bits” or similar. This is a body-mod site, not a ‘rate your amateur porn equipment’ site. Discuss the silicone enhanced penis not the destination.
    It’s just plain mean.

  26. Noah, I am a girl too and can back you up on this. Not that it requires miles of dick, but yes, small IS small, and large IS large. No technique can help if your dick is too small to even reach the point! So yeah, personality, big brains and all other qualities are great, if we’re at the park or on a public dispute. But we’re talking about sex and dicks here, and far as I’m concerned, he better have something at least average, as I don’t recall anyone having sex penetrated by personality. We’re talking about sex, not happily ever after, marriage and 2.5 kids. Get over it – when it involves sex size DOES matter.

  27. Maybe he’s using the cable tie as a cock ring? And I agree that her anus doesn’t look healthy, but maybe it’s been vacuum pumped as well.

    And Shannon, your response seems a little out of character.

  28. Okay, when I was talking about “MY” knowledge of sex, “I” was talking about “MY” experiences. I met girls who I couldn’t have sex with because they had a vagina that could barely hold maybe two fingers. And I’ve met girls that if you had sex with you’d fall forward into a dark and scary abiss. All I’m saying is from what “I’VE” learned is that 99.9% percent of the time, the girls I’ve been with preferred larger penises. *a.k.a. me*. Know I’m not bragging. And no I’m not exagerating. I’m just letting you know that from “MY” experience, girls who usually don’t give a flying F**k preffer larger penises. And I never claimed to have an “insight” or be an “expert” on female sexuality. I just gave you what I knew. So I’m sorry if I offended anyone. But if there were two great guys, both equal in personality, social status, money, work, and other types of husbandry bonuses, and the only difference between them was that one of the guys had a larger penis and was better in the bed than the other. And both of these men would love you faithfully, and loyaly until the day they died. Which one would you choose?

  29. im pretty sure the cabletie is to stop the silicone from absorbing and keep him pumped up. it makes me laugh you guys have the internet and thats is the ugliest female bits you’ve seen shame on you and besides do you think after having a cock like that in there that yours would look healthy

  30. I see this picture and a saying comes in mind for the ah female.
    its looks like she was rode hard and put away wet.

  31. Noah and #68: Fingers and tongue can be a hell of a lot more effective than any penis. Seriously. So size is a somewhat moot point…

  32. If you look close enough you can see she’s not wiped her arse properly. Mmm, cornflakes :)

  33. That’s nasty. It needs to be distributed better. Plus, his wife’s orifices do not look good at all. She needs to f*cking clean down there!

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