Muscle Guys with Tribal Tattoos (1/2)

Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of a cliché, but don’t say so around him or you will be crushed!!!

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44 thoughts on “Muscle Guys with Tribal Tattoos (1/2)

  1. I see a lot of bodybuilder types with tribal tattoo work. I’ve always wondered if the reason tribal style work is popular with bodybuilders is because it works well with muscle tone, it holds up well as their bodies change in shapen if it’s a totally macho thing or a combination of those three factors.

  2. like right behind his ear, and on his forearm, i cant tell if the tattoo is supposed to be like that or if the ink was just put in really shitty and scabbed out…

  3. #5 you can see that it is threw out the tattoo….so no not really shitty or scabbed out, its a design and you can clearly see it.

  4. I will admit that it took me a minute to realise that it was part of the design and not just a result of him scratching, but it’s pretty neat actually, i’ve never seen tribal like that :)

    I have to wonder about the scar on his arm though, that really has caught my attention.

  5. reminds me of kerry king…

    but i think it works really well with his body. even if tribals are cliched, this guy has taken it past the arm band and turned it into some that not only accents his body, but gives it an aggressive tone, which, i would imagine, was the intention.

    well played!

    (it doesn’t look at all like scabbing to me…)

  6. Its easy to go to a tattoo parlor and sit for a few hours and have someone else put a design on your skin. The dedication to sculpt your body to those kinds of extremes is much more impressive to me.

  7. Personally I like scrawny guys, but the dedication in hours and focus body builders put into working each muscle group is staggering. It’s some body armor on this guy and it’s accentuated with the swirling tattoo. Sexy…

  8. Yum. Hot, hot, hot! This totally motivates me to start lifting weights again. I definitely agree that body building qualifies as body modification…it’s an interesting way of looking at working out that I never thought of before. I love the way his tattoos swirl and complement his muscles.

  9. well deadly nay… CLEARLY my point to questioning that was that it looks like he scratched the scabs off. that effect should be more pronounced so it doesnt look like a mistake and clearly looks like part of the design. fucking smart-alec.

  10. the bouncer at my work is the european super-heavy-weight kickboxing champion, and has a pretty cool tribal half sleve…

    personally i think muscly guys get them because they will change with the body and not skew too much like an image would.

  11. his arm is a little out of focus, which makes it look like he scratched off parts of it. I think tribal tattoos look decent on really muscular dudes

  12. He reminds me a bit of the George Clooney character in From Dusk Till Dawn. I love that movie, and Clooney is the best part of it. And the tattoo is the best part of Clooney.

  13. it could be the lighting, but it seems like he needs that whole tattoo reworked a lot. it looks like a whole bunch of ink fell out in several places.

  14. Finally – a non-girly male. I like the way the tattoo seems to wrap around certain areas of muscles, nice emphasis

  15. I am not a big fan of so many muscles, but i absolutely am amazed by the dedication he put into his body. That must have taken him a long time to get to that point. And if you look closely – no ink fell out – it is supposed to be like that.

  16. well Adam, wasent beein smart ass look like you really didnt know what you where lookin at so i was helpin out cuz i thought the same thing at first also. then i got a closer look so i guess if i was bein smart ass then its better than bein a dumb ass…..

  17. I approve. Have him delivered to my quarters immediately, freshly showered and in a loincloth.

    I like the scrawny boys too, but there’s just something in me that deeply loves the incredible feeling of going out with a man that can lift and easily move me around- I’m a rather substantial woman and it’s just HOT.


  18. I really don’t think he is that muscular. His arms do

    not appear to be much larger than 15″ in circumference.

    He appears kind of scrawny to me… The guy can’t weigh

    much more than 180 lbs.

  19. …but I guess I am somewhat biased, since I do compete

    in powerlifting meets with the little free time that I have.

    But I do like the tribal stuff on him…a little excessive,

    tattooing the upper arms would be enough!!

  20. My goodness! This tattoo is perfect and also the muscles are awesome! I wanna f*** with this guy! if he could send me an e-mail! We may talk! See ya

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