61 thoughts on “The Body Must Be Free (Habakuk Interview)

  1. Fascinating read.

    Not even close to something I could imagine possible, let alone enjoyable.

    I’m liking all the interviews lately Shannon. Keep her up!

  2. And btw, I really like the way you treat the pictures – I think not jumping at readers with graphic details and letting them decide for themselves is a good idea.

  3. Great interview…and I have to agree with #4. I’ve been involved with similar play since I was 9 years old…many years before I ever had an orgasm. It was always a drive…

    It’s great to hear other’s stories!

  4. Excellent interview – well written and photographically documented, good questions, *fascinating* subject. My partner was cringing at every photo (he’s very protective of his testicles) but I thought the whole article was great.

  5. I think this was my favourite interview to date. He had some really interesting views; I found what he said about religion really thought-provoking. Great stuff 🙂

  6. that was indeed as many before me say, intense and interesting, much respect to your friend as well, hes got guts.

  7. great article. bummer about the parts cut out, I would have liked to read more about what he does in Africa. I always enjoy these bme interviews, they answer lots of questions for me.

  8. Fabulous interview..But just to point it out, you wrote “game” twice at the beginning.
    I hope you post more interviews, they are probably my favourite part of modblog.

  9. Awesome article, although I look forward to a future in which the censorship is unessasary and people can be who they are publicly without fear of backlash from famlily friends or co-workers…

  10. Brilliant article. Every question I had, you asked and had answered (religious views, partner issues, etc). I was especially charmed by how educated and aware “Habakuk” sounded. His comment about people being able to “say what they want, but unable to do what they” want was very intuitive and thought-provoking.
    What an incredible interview. Thanks for making it possible and sharing it.

  11. Really interesting. I have always wondered how the heck this was done without tearing the balls off accidentally in the process. Reading how he worked up to the full suspension was fascinating. He certainly thought things out quite well ahead of time.

    I’m also in agreement with #8 – I appreciate being able to decide whether or not I’m ready to view the photo as I’m reading the article. (That was the only thing I found problematic about the interview you posted a few days ago with the fellow who play pierced his breasts – the pics weren’t pixelated and I was kind of on overload looking at all of them.)

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. I love reading the interviews.

  12. Wow, I’ve only started reading modblog in the past few days.
    It’s because of stories like this that I’ve become completely addicted.
    Amazing job Shannon, thank you so much!

  13. This was a remarkably interesting and well put together interview. I’ve actually become interested more in the experiences concerning the Papaus. It’d be really interesting to get an interview with a tribesperson!

  14. My balls physically hurt after reading it. But this is a very interesting interview and worth the pain. 😉

  15. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….ow. Balls of steel. Or is it scrotum? The world may never know, just ow. I branded myself last night and didn’t make a noise, I saw this and gave a wimper. I got a twinge just thinking about it. And like everyone else has said, I do enjoy reading these interviews. They make life a little bit more understood.

  16. very interesting. good to know that BME is available to people who want the knowledge, as well as for those of us who simply enjoy it for aesthetic reasons. keep up the awesome interviews!

  17. Fascinating man and a fascinating interview. As a psychologist and psychotherapist I find that these interviews really gives me an increased understandning about these more extreme bodymodifications and the reason behind them.

  18. that photo where he has obviously just stuck the needle through his foreskin i guess, with all the blood – – is one of the hottest things i’ve ever seen!!!! :p

    then the next pic is one of the most odd / weird / freakishly freaky ones ive ever seen, where his stretched scrot and balls look like some tourist monument. . . . with the angle and the clouds behind him like that!! haha! cooL!

  19. This was a fantastic interview. I really enjoyed reading it and it really gave me inspiration about things that I want to do to my body. I think that it is great that that we can all come together and share our selves with the world and show that body modification is beautiful. Thanks Shannon for the awsome site.
    Wicked Kisses

  20. Great article. Though it does make me a little sad that he could not have these experiences earlier in his life, and that he has not found someone who fully embraces this lifestyle as he does. Good luck to him!

  21. NUTS! Hahahaha. (Alas, someone, uh, beat me to it).

    Great interview. I also wondered just how one would arrange to stretch something that far, and do it alone, the engineering bits make a lot of sense.

  22. How come you get all the complimentary comments and I get all the loons. Not fair I tell you. I’m going to write to my MP about this.

    I especially liked the old photo of the tribespeople.

    Let’s keep the bar high BME.

    Thanks Shannon.
    And thanks loons.

  23. Fantastic interview! You asked every single question that I had from looking at the first photo. Thanks for something so unusual and interesting 🙂

  24. Damn, I am a closet freak, I will let people into that closet once and a while, but this guy loves who he is.

    The only problem I have is the women in his life, it is really a shame he can not find the right person to play with.

    But that might be what makes it work for him.

    Another great interview. Thank you!!!

  25. great interview, have been working on a full scrotal suspension since I was 14 and still have not achieved it. I admire the guts of this guy, gives me strength to continue, thanks

  26. This was just an interesting article (I believe that the reason the women in Papua cut off their digits is that they did it when a close male family member died in battle?)… but just such an interesting interview

  27. Wow. Just bloody wow. My balls ache just reading about what he does. I did nail my sack to a stump one time though.

  28. “It is too late to find a partner with similar ideas” hhhmm u thik someone might B open minded and talks about how things are shut down here and how things are so free there when it’s all up hiar ~_+

  29. It was good to see someone so open about, I have always had these thoughts but never went to the extremes.
    Thanks for being open

  30. Very erotic!

    The scrotal suspensions really appeals to those of us that have similar deep cravings and other deep cravings for genital extreme enjoyment. This man is certainly the master.

    The writing and insight contained therein was wonderful though those who have never experience such needs and the pleasure it can bring, especially with a skilled partner, might have a little difficulty understanding.

  31. I’m attempting scrotal suspension using a simple rope with insulation, but it doesn’t distribute the weight evenly; it’s biased towards one side.
    Any suggestions about how to do it comfortably with even weight distribution or a simple way to make something?

  32. Great article. As a stretcher and sometimes ball hanger myself, it is great to find such a ball suspension master. And the photos give insight into how to attach the balls to the rope/chain, a critical step.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Does anyone know how Habakuk is doing since? “Hang time” achieved? Stretch length?

    As a somewhat heavier ball hanger (250 lbs), I know it requires careful preparation and just the right day to achieve a full hang. Never had the nerve to hang 5 or more feet above the ground, with no quick release device.

    [email protected]

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