25 thoughts on “You can’t see the G Spot

  1. This is my favorite pussy tattoo I’ve seen (most of them look oozy and a bit icky). I also love the Virgin Mary one.

  2. Stormy: I think that men more than women are obsessed with the body shapes and genitals of the opposite sex. My tattoos are very much the same subject, and it just excites me to have them on my body forever. OK it’s a bit weird, but it is just for the fun of it. Private use!

    Nevertheless, somewhat surpisingly there are also many women who wear tattooed vagina’s. Do they want to exhibit and draw attention of men? I wonder about the statistics of tattooed penisis and vagina’s on men/woman…

    Anyhow, the tattoo itself looks great, especially now that it is still fresh and redish 🙂

  3. What a lovely vulva! I am a fan of vulvas, but I don’t understand the motivation to get a tattoo of one on the body. Not because I find them explicit, I don’t think I’d understand if someone got a nose tattooed on their leg either.

    Is it supposed to be funny? raunchy? dirty? explicit? shocking? pretty? romantic? or for “private use” like dutchweirdo mentions…

    Maybe I’m not meant to understand 🙂 silly to question these things anyway!

  4. Kudos for using the word vulva and not vagina. People messing that up pisses me off.

    The art is fantastic!

  5. Thats bloody fantastic!
    And I think that blood is just on there…not tattooed on…
    But if it is, holy cow thats good!
    And I agree with skylark…maybe I am not supposed to understand.
    Awesome tattoo though!

  6. I like this one best out of the vulva tatt pics you linked (tho the Japanese vulva-monster was pretty funny).
    I’d also like to know if there was a particular motivation for this tattoo as well, aside from just lovin pussy I guess.

  7. 8: I’ve seen tattoos of eyes, hands, faces, whole bodies…. Maybe even stranger: existing animals like cats, birds, dogs, horses, non-existing animals, like dragons, phoenix, even plants, like roses, leaves, trees…, and so forth. I’m sure many people (especially the untattooed) wonder why one would like those permanently etched on the skin… But I find that fascinating!

  8. Hey thats my tattoo!!!!! im just browsing through and i see my pussy on the internet!!! thats crazy…..well eveyone enjoy lookin @my tattoo

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