18 thoughts on “Manual Lift

  1. Im the guy with the belly. Frank knows this, he just forgets some things some times, but we love him anyway 🙂

    Tyler (iam: coffiend) was the muscle lifting up Steve (iam: hobosteve)

  2. Also, the location isn’t Pasadena; that’s about 3/4 of the way up the hill at a local climbing/bouldering point in Simi Valley, Ca called Stoney Point. In addition, that was Steve’s first suspension, and he did amazing!!

  3. That seems like the “right” way to do it in that setting. I love it.
    “Outdoor Suspension” suddenly jumped up a few spaces on the to-do list…

  4. We will have to do that again soon since the weather is getting cooler. That day was sooo hot, I’m glad that hobo Steve got off the ground despite the heat.

    Great pictures nonetheless!!


    Way to go Anomaly gang!

    The first picture is kinda funny lol piggy-backing into position and all that lol

    #4 the best place for you to start looking is: Suspension.org

  6. I thought that they were hilarious pictures. That’s why I took them. 1) It looks like Steve is trying to get a little “something” there from (Hobo)Steve. Who in turn is taking some from Ty. 2) Steve is ultimately caught in the moment trying to make sure that his “image” will have enough clarity that he’ll be able to post it, along w/the thousands of other images he’s posted. In an attempt @ becoming the #1 image submitter, here on IM.
    Over all it was a very fun trip though. I’m glad that (Hobo)Steve made it up, and that Steve was able to “cop-a-feel.” Now that it’s significantly cooler out (I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed in hopes that it stays) we should all do it again. Plus that spot in the rocks kicked ass…

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